Scammers are in love with the crypto world even crypto sphere value is getting down. Black Friday has been gearing for the festivities of capitalism all around the corner. When a particular brand or site offers discounts, few would suspect it something wrong, which the offers would be looked at great suspicion. These expectations were used by some of the smart scammers. Those scammers were able to email people which looked genuinely sent by the crypto currency exchange Uphold.

It has been announced that some talented creative fraud artists planned a quite simple scheme which is to celebrate the mega sale of block buster. Many people in Uphold database received what appeared to be a promotional email to advertise its mouth- watering offering of 15% discount on crypto currency.

Uphold is a growing crypto currency exchange and payment service which is based in Charleston. Uphold is formerly Bitreserve, was founded by tech entrepreneur named Hasley Minor in 2013.

Proved scam:

The scam was first picked up the anxious community. The Basic Attention Token team at Reddit posted a screenshot of the dodgy scheme. They even warned the users and the group to be alert and aware. This work of scummy brilliance is done, not like other campaigns, this work is so admirable. Most of the readers would doubt the legitimacy of this intention of email without having any reason. But it contains no silly errors; the presentation is professional and well- written.

The post warned that scam email reports are getting posing as Uphold and offering a 15 per cent offers and discounts on crypto Bitcoin for the mega sale Black Friday. They even cleared the doubt whether it is scam or not by getting information from the Uphold team.

Now-a-days people are rapidly increasing the dependent on their mail servers to be smart to filter out the phishing attacks. It is certainly alarming that they have failed in their flagging process.

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