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Meme Kombat on-fire presale is bringing whales on board

Meme Kombat on-fire presale is bringing whales on board

Meme Kombat is less than 10 hours away from hiking the price. It has raised over $3.9 million and is slowly headed toward achieving the goal of $5 million. Meme Kombat has emerged as a preferred option because it has broader utility. For instance, users can stake their tokens, play a game, and earn rewards. Alternatively, they can actively bet on battles to get $MK tokens in rewards.

APY begins from the point when users buy the presale.

Meme Kombat is simultaneously rolling out regular battles for users to bet on, allowing them to win bigger prizes. All rewards can be earned alongside the champions. The only condition is that users must buy and stake the native token.

Whales are headed to claim a portion of the Meme Kombat pre-sale for the level of availability the team has opened up. Crypto presales are largely known to offer a bigger share at a discounted price, paving the way for reselling at a better margin.

In the context of Meme Kombat tokenomics, fifty percent of the total supply is designated for pre-sale. Subsequently, 30% of the available supply is designated for staking and battle rewards. One-half of the remaining twenty percent has been allocated to DEX, and the other has been designated for community rewards.

Meme Kombat’s announcement aligns with the roadmap it has published on the official website. Moving forward, the team will focus on encouraging engagement within the community and expanding with more partnerships and game modes.

The first season has eleven memes fighting to claim the top spot. Players can pick their favorites or play the odds for higher rewards. The current price of $MK is $0.246. The increased price will pitch a single native token against $0.257.

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