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Georgia to Combine Gambling and Betting in Amendment

Georgia to Combine Gambling and Betting in Amendment

In an important development, lawmakers in the state of Georgia have once again started giving attention to the legalization of sports betting. The Senate is expected to bring a constitutional amendment in this regard which along with other aspects will also take into consideration pari-mutuel wagering on casino gambling and horse racing. 

Last year too, the Senate had come up with a similar constitutional amendment although it didn’t fructify and failed to reach the house. This year though lawmakers are planning carefully to reach a logical conclusion and preparations are going on full swing to let voters decide about the fate of the bill by a voting process that is scheduled to take place in the month of November. 

All supporters who want to legalize gambling are unanimous on the fact that the process of clubbing sports betting, horse racing, and casinos is definitely a good proposition and offer a holistic approach. That said, some voices of dissent have also cropped up in this regard. Daniel Wallach, a Gaming attorney, is the most prominent voice that is opposing the clubbing of these three aspects together. Bringing together these categories will be disadvantageous for the industry and Wallach has listed out a number of reasons why one should consider sports betting different from casino gaming.

The revenue from sports betting will be utilized in providing HOPE scholarship and programs related to pre-kindergarten. The revenue from the state lottery is also being utilized for the same purposes, and under the specific scheme of HOPE scholarship, residents of Georgia can have free access to the colleges in the state provided they meet the specific requirements mentioned under the terms and conditions of the scholarships.

If this constitutional amendment goes through in the month of November this year, voters will get a chance to vote for legalizing all these three different types of betting processes simultaneously. The lawmakers are also hoping to decide upon the rules and regulations related to sports betting and formally launch all these provisions in the country in 2023. The step is an important milestone in the journey to legalize betting in the state and can constructively contribute to the various educational initiatives, including scholarships and extending monetary help for the students.

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