From now onwards, Trade99, the crypto asset trading platform, will be treated as an accepted member of Category A. How did this happen? Well, recently, South Korea’s respected Financial Services Commission (FSC), an independent EDR organization that handles external disputes for cross border exchanges declared Trade 99 to be the recent addition to the Category A.

Trade 99 was announced an ‘A Category’ member earlier this month. By far, this platform was in a capacity to offer a crypto-based leverage asset platform for trading. After the attainment of ‘A Category,’ the users of the platform will get the protection services from the Financial Services Commission.

Getting a green signal from FSC is a mark of excellence for Trade99

The fact that the FSC runs a tight ship for the compliance and the related regulatory issues, getting a green signal from FSC is a matter of good reputation for Trade 99. On the regulation topic, the governor of FSS (Financial Supervisory Service)- Yoon Suk-heun is in favor of the good effects of crypto exchange regulatory investigation. Suk-heun thinks that it will-

[…] help crypto trading and blockchain technology get better.

Trade99’s Promise of a Diverse Portfolio-

Lately, Trade 99 promised its user base for offering a diverse portfolio of services. In order to stick to the commitment, the platform has gone ahead to join hands with some independent service providers and brokerages. This, by extension, allowed these independent service providers and brokerages to make use of the services which the Financial Services Commission is offering.

With the release of the scheme opens up several other possibilities. This would mean that all those schemes that get a green signal of approval will also be required to certify with it. Moreover, the users and the clients will get to put a certain amount to an investment manager. What is the point of putting funds with the manager, you may think. Well, as and when the manager makes any profit on the capital (he or she invested with the money allocated by the user), the user will, in turn, get a commission on the profit made by the manager. This is especially a good set up for those who have just ventured into the investment space, as this system allows the users to gain insight knowledge, experience, and exposure to investment strategies; along with keeping risk at a safe distance. This peace of mind in investments should raise the adoption of the scheme.

Moonlighting which is an online marketplace for freelance professionals (introduced in 2014) has more than 700,000 user accounts, and now the company is planning to move this user-base to the EOS blockchain platform.

The online platform has conducted a $5 million worth investment round with the help of FinLab EOS VC fund (a JV of FinLab AG and This fund would be used by the platform to increase its user base and to incorporate the existing infrastructure of the platform with EOS blockchain.

The CEO of the freelance platform Moonlighting said: “We have been exploring blockchain protocols since the end of 2017 and [have] chosen EOSIO due to its ability to scale transaction processing, maintain low transaction costs and enable ease of user account management.” (one of the partners who helped in conducting the fund-raising campaign of Moonlighting) gathered an estimated worth of $4 billion in its 12 months long initial coin offering (ICO) that completed last year. used the raised funds to develop the EOSIO software which runs the EOS blockchain. The company has also made some investments in investors (individual/company) who would support the applications and in turn helping in running the new blockchain. The most popular application being Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital.

The COO of EOS VC Mr. Grotowski said “We believe that Moonlighting contains the three key traits you look for in a decentralized application: real customers, real traction and a bona fide use case for blockchain technology,” in the press release.

On the other hand, the second partner of the joint venture FinLab AG (Germany) has been investing in fintech since over a decade (2005). The board member of FinLab AG Stefan Schuetze said in a press release its firm believes that it is one of the early winners who is validating blockchain.

He said that the company has decided to enable its users to shift their profile to any platform of their choice without losing simplicity. He told that the freelance economy of very much shattered and fragmented. And the plan is to enable freelancers to use their profile with an aggregated gateway.

However, Moonlighting is not shifting all its database to the blockchain in a plain format. It would be, instead, securing its data with the help of hashes which would still be under the control of the company.

A Singapore-based company, founded in 2017, TRON has introduced a Stablecoin in partnership with Tether. The Stablecoin is called USDT- TRON. This collaboration is going to add a new milestone into the journeys of both the companies.

This partnership would help in increasing the liquidity of the Tron network and take it to another level. Plus, USDT-Tron is now will be traded on big crypto exchanges like Okex and Huobi. Let us not forget that OkEx is the 4th largest crypto exchange in the global crypto space. This new token will be made live on 30th April on both the exchanges.

On this exciting news, Okex issued a press release saying:

“In order to meet users’ demand for Stablecoin trading, OKEx will support USDT-TRON, the TRC-20 based USDT token co-developed by TRON and Tether, as well as the airdrop for USDT-TRON holders. By then, OKEx will support three protocols of USDT, namely USDT-Omni, USDT-ERC20, and USDT-TRON. Please stay tuned for our further announcements.”

Centralized exchanges are not designed to get benefited from USDT-Tron collaboration. Most of Tron tokens are getting traded on decentralized crypto-exchanges. As being operated on the TRX price only, the potential worth of TRX tokens (such as 888 or Ante) is associated with the market movements of Tron.

Tether is the most stable and oldest pegged Stablecoin. A few others have adopted its model Stablecoins like Paxos Standard and TrueUSD.

There are a few other blockchains which could utilize liquidity support which is namely Aelf, EOS, Cardano among a few others. Any of these would profit enormously from the capacity to rapidly trade into a Stablecoin without any interference of centralized exchanges. And this is the real advantage of USDT-TRX move.

While Stablecoins like Paxos and TrueUSD are very famous in the market, and USDC (which is the key Stablecoin traded on Coinbase) to retail clients has its own significance, Ethereum clients are keen on things like Dai.

The annual percentage return of the USDT-TRON token has been structured in a way to reward its first few adopters. This percentage of reward is 20%which will be reduced step by step in the future. However, it is said that this period will be as long as 100 days during which incentives worth $20 million will be rewarded. This reward will be given in USDT-TRON only.

The reward percentage is exciting enough to attract crypto lovers/traders and investors.

Kakao Crop is the largest internet conglomerate firm in South Korea and their cryptocurrency sector known as Ground X made about $90 million through Initial Coin Offerings. After the company raised $90 million, they decided that they want to redo the ICO. On March 11th, a report from Bloomberg confirmed this news. The company wants to execute the plan of raising the money within the second week of March.

It was announced for the very first time by Kakao in December 2018 that their crypto sector Ground X is progressing toward raising about $300 million by developing their own token. Klaytn which is the blockchain platform that managed Ground X is going to supervise the plan of raising $90 million again.

The CEO of Ground X, Jason Han says that the firm right now consists of 65 employees and once the launch of ICO nears, they have plans of hiring more people. Initially, the launch was going to happen in 2018, but there was a delay in launching because the platform required additional development. The headquarters of Ground X is in Japan.

The ICO that is going to take place the companies that are going participate to venture funds. Private equity funds are Crescendo Equity Partners, Translink Capital and IDG Capital. Even though it has not been confirmed by Kakao, a hint was given by the CEO that the company is probably going to add a service of their own to the platform.

There are about 26 firms that are presumed to run their apps on the Klatyn Platform, and few of them are Wemade Entertainment Co, which is a Game developer and Zanadu, a Chinese travel agency.

When the company had planned its first ICO, the local news outlet reported that they were about to reach the target from different types of participants that they had deliberated as an opening investment which was about $300 million that included the venture capital company of China.

There is zero-tolerance policy to ICOs in the country which has been constantly monitored by the lawmakers of South Korea because of which it has continuously been successful. In 2017, this policy was declared illegal.

There are very strict rules in South Korea when it comes to the cryptocurrency and Blockchain industry which was also managed by this web giant by finding a way around the progressively harsh regulatory policies. They made sure that the tokens for ICO were accessible to people who were registered and evaluated private investors. The firm got passed the regulatory policies in other parts of the country as well.

It is no secret that social media giant Facebook is working on cryptocurrency, which is reportedly set for launch very soon. The currency will be called as Facecoin, and Facebook will use through its platform and subsidiaries like WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram.

However, the company has tried to keep the project under wraps, with just one official statement coming out, which stated that the company is exploring possibilities to utilize blockchain technology. It further added that a small team had been set up to explore various applications to put blockchain at its potential best.

Several reports have confirmed that the digital currency Facebook is working on will be a stablecoin. This means that Facecoin will be backed by traditional assets like Gold, Silver, or stocks, hooking them on the cryptocurrency’s blockchain. A similar digital coin named “Gram” is also being developed by privacy-focused messaging app Telegram.

On the contrary, for other cryptocurrencies which have a fixed amount of coins/token in circulation and constant price fluctuations, the price of Facecoin will be fixed, and the number of coins in circulation will keep on changing depending on the demand. Hence, it won’t be subject to speculation like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and other such digital assets.

Reports have emerged claiming that the price of Facecoin will be linked to the US dollar or a combination of the dollar, Euro, and Yen. However, a group of analysts and crypto experts have opted for being skeptical towards Facebook digital coin. Prof Alistair Milne, department of financial economics of Loughborough University recently stated that the most common feature in all cryptocurrencies and blockchain finance projects announced during the last four years is that they all were overhyped and exaggerated.

Prof Milne claimed that while working on a project, he found that about 103 new programs were launched since 2015, applying blockchain technology to financial services. However, most of these, if not all, have quietly wrapped up operations, he added, while none of them could reach commercial scale.

According to experts, Facebook’s Facecoin could be quite similar to WeChat pay, which is the world’s largest mobile and internet payment solution. The step what made the Chinese mobile payment application so successful, was its integration with WeChat messaging app. Currently, it has over 900 million active users. Facebook could repeat similar success by integrating Facecoin with WhatsApp and Instagram.

However, the major difference between Facecoin and WeChat Pay is that the latter is not based on blockchain/cryptocurrency. In fact, it is based on conventional servers to transfer payments from bank accounts. Facecoin will ask people to trade traditional money in exchange for the cryptocurrency, which quite different from traditional money transfer applications.

Regulatory authorities across the globe are becoming stricter and laying stringent rules for ensuring transparency in crypto transactions. This has already made the general public wary of them. Since the beginning of 2018, cryptocurrency markets at large have been at a downfall, with almost all major currencies bleeding. The largest digital token Bitcoin witnessed a losing trend in prices for six consecutive months, finally breaking the streak in February this year.

This indicates that public faith in cryptocurrencies is still quite uncertain, which isn’t great news for Facebook. But there’s another side to the story too. Facebook intends to target the Facecoin mainly towards cross-border transactions, which can be a success as currently, cross-border transfers are quite expensive.

Thus, experts and cryptoanalysts are recommending investors to be cautious at the beginning as nothing can be claimed with certainty for Facecoin.

2018 was slow growth graph for Litecoin. Although, the original altcoin- Litecoin (LTC) has been showing a good performance. Its price has gone double within the time of three months. LTC with its good fundamental and proofs makes it a good altcoin. It is quite an old altcoin in the crypto market. Last year due to the slow growth, the altcoin had to face dipping market caps shooting it away from the market radar.

But 2019 seems to have good news in store for the altcoin. Since the commencement of this year, LTC has been showing good leaps in its price. It has recorded a growth of 84 percent. The first reason behind this growth is the sound decisions made by the Litecoin Foundation. The second reason curtails the overall slowing down of the bearish tendencies of the crypto market.

Two years ago the crypto-coin faced a great downturn from great highs. Yes, other crypto coins too fell victim of the bearish tendencies that year, leading to 70 to 90 percent dips. But it was extra tough time for LTC. The altcoins saw a loss of more than 90 percent of its value after it saw the great high of 375 U.S. Dollars in 2017 December. This drastic dip made the market analysts predict a doomed time for the altcoins. Alternatively, though this could also prove to be a springboard for the crypto coin. On this the chief investment officer of Satoshi Capital- Josiah Hernandez, said-

“The harder an asset price falls, the steeper the rebound often is, and that seems to be a factor in Litecoin’s sharp gains this year.”

It is a good thing that the altcoins sprung back from the dark lows. Recently, the company has been involved in some positive advancement. This includes the uptake of the Lightning Network. This was a result of users’ understanding the worth of Litecoin’s vision of offering a ‘quick and frictionless transactions’ user experience.

The Litecoin’s structure serves as a good alternative to the cryptocurrency. For the countries who are seeking such altcoins, Litecoin falls into a win-win situation. For instance the recent adoption of the altcoins in Venezuela. Another good factor that may contribute to the doubling of LTC’s price boost is the release of Litecoin Core 0.17. When Litecoin Core 0.17 will be launched, there are predictions that this release will further push down the fees on using a coin, which translates to greater adoption and attraction for the altcoins.

As per the reports from Forbes, DiPasquale said-

“When compared with Bitcoin, Litecoin has typically been preferred as a transactional currency because of lower fees and most importantly, faster transaction confirmation times.”

The fact that the harsh crypto winter is finally settling down, it has a good effect on the prices of the coin. The senior market analyst at social trading platform eToro- Mati Greenspan said that the entire crypto market “growing increasingly optimistic lately as adoption continues to rise. [..] Crypto winter seems to be coming to an end, and people are preparing for spring.”

As per, the current market cap of the altcoins is $3,459,546,362 U.S. Dollars or 884,606 BTC. The current volume of LTC in the market is 1,460,606,578 U.S. Dollars or 373,477 BTC. The maximum supply of Litecoin is 84,000,000 LTC whereas the current circulating supply of the coin is 60,858,336 LTC.

‘Blockchain,’ ‘Cryptocurrency,’ and ‘Bitcoin,’ can be listed as the most significant disruptive technological innovations, in recent times.

The blockchain technology can be compared to the internet which evolved and encompassed everything within its fold, almost immediately. The world has witnessed a massive proliferation of blockchain applications and initiatives. The blockchain industry has become a revolution within a very short span of time.

So, what is a blockchain?
A blockchain can be defined as a public ledger that is operated by thousands of people and holds the record of every transaction within a network using a specific currency. No one person has control over the transactions involved and you don’t have to trust one single entity such as a bank with your assets. The blockchain provides security, validity, and transparency to transactions and makes it possible for people to buy and sell without having to trust the person they are trading with.

The blockchain technology offers simple, fast, secure, and reliable solutions without the involvement of intermediaries. So, you can now maximize your economic potential on your own terms and conditions!

In enhancing blockchain/cryptocurrency trading, Ibinex, a white-label solutions provider in cryptocurrency software, is channeling the power of thousands of exchanges with one unified backend infrastructure. This implies that financial entities will no longer have to develop their own currency exchange and privately source cryptocurrency liquidity. The Ibinex solution provides the much-needed stability to the cryptocurrency market by standardizing onboarding, KYC/AML, and consumer education with the security hardened technologies.

Ibinex seems to have well understood the apprehensions of crypto traders. Therefore, it has come up with such workable, effective, fast, and low-cost solutions through its independent and transparent platform.

In August, during the launch of the second iteration of its platform, Ibinex announced that it has recently joined the Australian Digital Commerce Association (ADCA). The ADCA is a not-for-profit company working to encourage the responsible adoption of blockchain technology across Australia as a means to transform the country into a leading blockchain developed economy. As an ADCA member, Ibinex now helps advance the adoption of blockchain technology in Australia and works together to advocate for appropriate regulatory and policy settings.

According to Simon Grunfeld, CEO of Ibinex, membership in the ADCA is a part of the firm’s strategy to collaborate with organizations that focus on the adoption of blockchain and innovation across all sectors of the crypto economy.

Ibinex is also the first cryptocurrency firm to become a member of the Financial Commission (FinaCom), a self-regulatory organization for the foreign exchange sector.

Bitcoin Cash parted its way away from its chief cryptocurrency Bitcoin in the middle of 2017 while supporters screamed that the pinnacle crypto’s block volume of 1MB was very undersized and was unable to formulate large volume of dealings and had suffered a bad era lately. The bear marketplace had consumed an element of its marketplace restriction, which will result in the coin permanently threatening in the bear region.

This enabled the well-known Bitcoin hard fork that introduced Bitcoin Cash, having the dream of a latest and a superior Bitcoin, which can excavate blocks with an enormous volume of 8MB. Followers of the latest cryptocurrency supported that BCH will take over Bitcoin because of the total amount of dealings it can manage.

Bitcoin Cash supporters wished to enclose additional dealings on a particular block thus permitting improved utilization of the cryptocurrency’s blockchain. On the other hand, approximately after 18 months, BCH’s unique purpose does not appear to be accurate.

A statement by the investigation firm LongHash puts forward that in spite of the superior aspirations of Bitcoin Currency, it has, after its commencement, by no means excavated a block of 8MB in volume.

LongHash accounted that the standard block volume for Bitcoin Currency, after its separation from Bitcoin in August 2017, is 171KB in size, which is simply 2.1 percent of the 8MB limitation that supporters publicized.

The statement notified:

“Till now in a single day simply the BCH blocks were above than half filled. On the 15th of January, 2018, BCH blocks approximated 59% of their entire space.”

About latest block volume space, Bitcoin Currency has approximated simply 34 KB in block volume in the previous 30 days that is simply 3.7 percent in contrast to Bitcoin’s block volume of 923 KB, in the exact stage.

One more appealing discovery is that the block volume assessment mirrors the marketplace subsidization distinction among the two cryptocurrencies, by Bitcoin Cash’s marketplace restriction amounting for 3.6 percent of the marketplace restriction of Bitcoin.

LongHash affirmed:

“Several are going to declare that it’s an optimistic signal that BCH blocks are not close to their space. However, others are going to point to the deficiency of interest in BCH as concerning.”

As a comparative analysis among Bitcoin and the altcoin, Roger Ver who is the CEO of and major BCH supporter send a tweet affirming that BCH in 2019 is what Bitcoin was mainly planned to subsist.

As per a local news agency, a Bitcoin millionaire has been arrested after making it “rain cash” on the streets of Hong Kong.

On Sunday, bundles of Hong Kong dollar bills were thrown off a roof in Sham Shui Po, one of the poorest Hong Kong neighborhoods. Wong Ching-kit, a local cryptocurrency enthusiast, and a Bitcoin millionaire and entrepreneur who owns the Epoch Cryptocurrency website is reportedly believed to be responsible for the act.

In a social media video posted by him, he is seen asking the fellow passers-by saying “does anyone believe that money can fall from the sky” before money starts falling from a high-rise building behind him.

According to the news agency, just after the stunt, the man was arrested by local police, before performing another publicity stunt. Currently, he is in police custody for charges framed against him which is “disorderly conduct in a public place” while live-streaming with a stack of cash in his hand.

The police claimed that they have only recovered close to 6,000 HKD while some other news agencies claim that hundreds of millions of HKD was dropped from the rooftop.

The shares price of Nvidia has dropped down by 48 percent from October which is just around half of the value. Further, as per sources, SoftBank is planning to sell its 4.9 percent share in the (leading) graphics chip maker. Nvidia graphics chip deals with gaming machines.

As per the Bloomberg report, SoftBank had acquired Nvidia shares of around $3 billion in the year 2017 from Vision Fund. It also said that SoftBank might sell the entire or part of its stake at the beginning of the (next) year.

Crypto issues not affecting the price of Nvidia shares

At one point in time, there were controversies regarding the fall of Nvidia shares that were affecting the performance of cryptocurrency prices.

However, as per the CCN opinion, Nvidia had exited the market long back when Bitmain was gaining. It also reported that there is no relation between Nvidia shares and cryptocurrency market which should hamper the shares price of Nvidia shares. The actual reason which affected the prices of Nvidia shares is the reduction of demand in graphics processor unit (GPU) mining chips, apparently because the other two mining chip projects such as ASIC and machines were performing much better in the market due to their efficiency level, which was exclusively designed only for the purpose of cryptocurrency mining.

However, the demand for cryptocurrency mining equipment was extremely high when Nvidia was totally out of the market. With the growing technology, various competitors such as Bitmain, Canaan, and Samsung are also mounting up enormously. The large-scale crypto mining operations are one of the actual sources which are sufficient enough to create demand of such specialist machines. In August, Nvidia CFO Collette Kress expressed his opinion that “Whereas we had previously anticipated cryptocurrency to be meaningful for the year, we are now projecting no contributions going forward.”

In the previous month, CNBC Mad Money’s Jim Cramer demonstrated a possible reason for Nvidia’s abrupt woes and quoted that “Nvidia still makes the best graphics chips, which have become more powerful than traditional microprocessors. It still has a lead over the competition in a lot of uses, although you could argue that AMD’s catching up to them in the data center while Intel rivals them in self-driving vehicles. I think Nvidia made an honest forecasting mistake.”

Even though Nvidia’s share price has dropped down to one of the lowest levels, it still deals with one of the largest gaming graphics card maker. However, even if SoftBank sells its Nvidia share, they will still earn $3 billion from such deal, as it constructed a “collar-trade” to defend against a share price decline.