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HashKey Capital Ltd. to Maintain 100% Virtual Asset Portfolio

HashKey Capital Ltd. to Maintain 100% Virtual Asset Portfolio

HashKey Capital Ltd. recently announced gaining SFC’s approval to maintain a 100% virtual asset portfolio. The Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong lifted HashKey’s Type 9 asset management license.

HashKey Capital Ltd. has been a part of HashKey Capital, HashKey Group’s investment arm. Affiliates to HashKey Capital act as general partners while maintaining investment funds, primarily focused on blockchain and digital assets.

After gaining the SFC’s approval, HashKey Capital Ltd. can manage funds while exclusively investing in digital assets. Such dealings must comply with the SFC’s guidelines, merging the first batch of Hong Kong’s licensed managers.

Dr. Xiao Feng, the Chairman of HashKey, talked about the recent development. According to Mr. Feng, HashKey Group has always been affiliated with crypto supporters and enthusiasts. The company is dedicated to developing highly-efficient crypto and blockchain ecosystems. 

In addition, HashKey Group aims to support regulations while helping the industry gain sustainable growth. The latest development shows the company’s commitment to advancing and fostering blockchain technology across Asia, primarily in Hong Kong.

In 2019, the SFC released its Proforma Terms and Conditions. These guidelines were designed to monitor Licensed Enterprises that manage portfolios investing in digital assets. This document outlined the regulatory and operational compliance requirements expected asset managers to follow while expanding their business scope.

With the ambition of becoming a household name in the crypto domain, HashKey Group has always been compliant with local rules and jurisdictions. It has created an ecosystem connecting Web3 communities, entrepreneurs, decision-makers, and developers.

All of these parties aim to establish a sustainable, fair environment that facilitates the long-term expansion of crypto and blockchain projects. HashKey Capital is renowned in the market for being an asset manager in digital assets and blockchain technology.

Seeing how the company managed over 1 billion dollars in client assets, its dedication to the cause is apparent.

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