Bitmain has quashed an agreement under which DMG Blockchain Solution was made the operator of Bitmain’s mining facility in Rockdale, Texas.

Bitmain is among the world’s largest Bitcoin miner manufacturing and Bitcoin mining firms.

DMG Blockchain Solution has revealed that the decision to end the partnership was mutual and taken over failure to meet “cost and operational efficiencies.”

It is not clear whether the mining farm is currently operating or not. Bitmain has also not clarified whether it will manage the facility itself or hire a new firm.

Bitmain has already installed 15,000 next-generation miners at the mining farm in Rockdale, Texas. At the time of its launch in October 2019, Bitmain had said that, when completed, it would be the world’s largest mining farm.

DMG Blockchain Solution has asserted that it will continue to work with Bitmain on its other mining farms. Recently, Bitmain provided 1,000 miners for an unknown client for DMG’s Christina Lake mining facility in British Columbia.

Bitmain has been laying off staff and shutting its offices across the world after several business forays did not turn out as per its expectations.

Initially, in August 2018, Bitmain had announced that it would build a data center at the Rockdale site. Then in January 2019, it announced that it had changed its mind and will be building a mining firm in the town. The latest setback may end up delaying the scheduled date to make the mining farm fully operational.

Mining farms consume large amounts of electricity and are considered as one of the major sources of global warming. In Rockdale, large amounts of electricity is generated through renewable resources. Thus, the town is attracting mining firms from across the world. Recently, Japan’s SBI Holdings and internet service provider GMO signed an agreement to build a Bitcoin mining farm in Rockdale.

With gamers of this generation spending an average of $85 each on the (free-to-play) games like Fortnite, it is a force to be reckoned with. They contribute over $300 million a month to the game creator’s revenue, and the crypto industry wants a piece of that taste.

The exploding popularity of online gaming and esports has also led to the creation of in-game digital currencies, which could be hugely beneficial for the virtual economies of modern online games. Online gamers face real-time issues on the use of real currencies like delay in transactions, forgery, and many more; cryptocurrencies have been very helpful in mitigating these issues in various pilot programs, and in cases of formal adaptation by various gaming agencies.

According to a report by the digital asset exchange, WAX, 75% of gamers surveyed expressed their wish to exchange their virtual goods for a digital currency that can be transacted on other platforms.

Additionally, 50% of the surveyed gamers owned up to owning cryptocurrencies, and over 80% of the gamers declared that they had not used digital currencies before but were willing to use them to make in-game transactions.

The CEO of WAX Token, William Quigley, stated,

The widespread usage of cryptocurrency in online video gaming is imminent. Video gamers are tech-savvy members of a global community with the desire to make frequent, small transactions across borders. The results of the study could not be clearer: video gamers want to be able to use cryptocurrency to make low-cost gaming-related transactions.

Cryptocurrencies running on decentralized technology creates a more secure platform for gamers, and by eliminating middlemen, reduces transaction fees considerably.

The digital in-game pieces market is plagued by high exchange rates and transaction fees, slow transaction speeds, and inefficient intermediaries. These issues could be resolved by employing high-speed and low-cost digital currencies such as Dash, Stellar Lumens, or Dogecoin, and many more. There are also some sites like Bitcoin faucet, which are basically giving away free money and so they have become extremely popular. Otherwise, game-specific cryptocurrencies, for in-game payments as well as for payouts to gamers and game developers could also be deployed to ensure tamper-free transactions.

In recent years, the impact of blockchain and cryptocurrencies has seen astonishing growth. This has led to a steady rise in the number of automated trading bots like Cryptohopper—a comparatively newcomer that has seen rapid growth owing to its state-of-the-art features and robust underlying algorithm. Cryptohopper allows individuals to remain in control of their trading regardless of time or place, with zero manual intervention.

Cryptohopper’s powerful trading software allows users to entirely automate strategies that will be leveraged by the bot or “hopper” to trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc. The hopper scans the market looking for open positions according to your trading strategy or signaller. Being based on the cloud, the cryptocurrency bots on Cryptohopper continue trading even when the user’s device is turned off.

The platform’s uniqueness lies in its ability to study across more than 130 technical indicators and candlestick patterns to form the trading strategy, which provides an array of information fully automate it. In addition, it is the only trading platform that identifies candle patterns—a particular shift in prices that some believe can be key in predicting a particular market movement.

Regardless of how complex engineering the Cryptohopper platform is on the inside, the interface of the application is incredibly simple. Anyone can automate their crypto trading just by following a handful of easy steps.

Step 1: Registration

First, one needs to register on the platform with a username, email address, and password in order to create an account and access a simulator to experience the hopper.

Step 2: Link your exchange to your Cryptohopper account

The paper-trading simulator hopper will be virtually connected to Binance, from where one has to navigate it using tutorials to gain Bitcoins. The simulator can be used to have a hands-on experience on all the things Cryptohopper can do.

In order to start trading with your real cryptocurrencies, you just need to go to Baseconfig —> Exchange, disable paper trading mode and copy-paste your API keys. Now, your funds will be displayed in the dashboard.

Once the configuration is done, the final step is to apply the hopper to the user’s exchange account and see those simulated profits turn into real ones.

Step 3: Create Your Own “Hopper”

The next step is to create a personalized hopper on the Cryptohopper platform. The process requires no technical knowledge since there are already available templates, signallers, and strategies in the app’s marketplace which users can apply on their own hoppers. Click on View your hoppers and then on New. Afterwards, some config templates will be shown. It is possible to select one or create a totally new one for scratch.

Step 4: Start Trading

Cryptohopper offers is the perfect crypto trading platform for both unexperienced and professional traders. It provides the user with the possibility to trade automatically in many different ways. Whether you would like to create your own winning strategy or you prefer to rely on experienced traders, Cryptohopper fulfils all your preferences. A marketplace with strategies, signals and templates as well as a strategy designer allow the user to trade will a incredibly varied range of possibilities.

Cryptohopper continues to tweak and upgrade their platform with the aim of bringing the best out of every trader across the globe. Their goal is to craft a tool that works tirelessly on behalf of individuals to execute strategies and make smart crypto trading decisions “even when you’re sleeping.”

Create an account in less than a minute and enjoy their 7 day free trial by clicking here!

The cryptocurrency hype takes its breaks as the prices of the cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin fluctuate steeply. Where it still remains an unreliable space to find the real value in profits, there is one industry that has been thriving with cryptocurrencies, Esports.

Online sports is one of the major segments where blockchain has taken its lead. With cryptocurrencies, a lot of online gaming casinos are sprouting up scraping tons of profits through betting, playing, and watching sports online. But what we need to know is, will this booming effect keep its flame burning in the near future? We decoded a number of ways in which cryptocurrencies have taken over the online gaming. These indicate prosperous speculation for the gaming industry. Let’s take a look:

  • Loyalty Schemes

A crypto-based loyalty program offered by gaming firms offers a reward on the basis of participation and viewership. The players can amass tokens just by enrolling for the applicable service, then running a plugin for the browser, or seeing an escort online to redeem the loyalty tokens.

Last year, Incent, the crypto firm entered into an agreement with Gfinity Australia, with an aim to provide an incentive plan for users or players to reap INCNT tokens as they saw the game on a specific website. China-based Tencent Games recently announced a coalition with that aims to enable users in browsing to get Theta tokens during their match of  Ring of Elysium, using these tickets via a similar platform to trade high-end in-game accessories.

  • Game Item Trading

Rather than letting payers only trade items via in-game and platform-specific dealers as well as the auction houses, the crypto item might let players barter weapons, skins, cards, or characters over an open marketplace that can bring real value for the items.

If a games offer such features in a system, the players can obtain a larger ownership sense of things they win in-game. The market will have already set the price of the items. Fuel Games designed a game based on digital card named, Gods Unchained, that as to be traded over the blockchain, Ethereum. Some other games based on  tradeable items also pre-exist, built entirely over Ethereum.

Mintdice is one of the few prominent names in casino gaming industry that offer a huge range of such features that players love. To know more, you can visit their website.

  • Crowdfunding

With blockchain crowdfunding for esports startups will enable a direct contractual alignment with its investors. Owning these funds will be a way to raise capital in a free manner via traditional channels of financing. Wefunder is the name of a prominent funding platform, based on blockchain, that claims an investment worth $78M into its portal through a span of five years. Another undertaking, Globatalent, is a  fresh platform aiming to influence the esports commerce with its funding system based on blockchain.

  • Trusted Payments

The most obvious idea of using cryptocurrency in gaming is to deliver greater trust in payments for players, tournaments, and teams. A smart contract used to secure pertinent payment numbers, and dispense funds to the requisite people on the basis of the tournament results., as well as ChallengeMe.GG are the platforms for tournaments that accentuate the implementation of blockchain in regulating payments that will reassure the player a prompt and quick prize delivery.

The main motive of applications that are anticipated to be built for esports is to give more value to the players, along with the freedom to utilize currencies as well as items across a number of different games. To make this happen, successful game developers will be needed to abandon supervision of their inner transaction networks.

This is the greatest hurdle for bringing blockchain platforms into esports. To gain traction as a currency platform within game environments, someone has to be willing to give up the control they currently have to allow the market to open up towards an independent platform.

Since the days are still salad for a consolidated crypto presence in this industry and a biting criticism revolves around the phenomenon, it’ll be too early to say if cryptocurrency will continue to dominate esports. But it looks capable enough to keep up its momentum even through the hard days.

Private companies who want to grow further raise funds deploying various strategies to bring in investments to their firms. Some prefer to fetch loans from financial institutions, and some try to raise finance through individuals or financial entities by selling their ownership stakes. Companies looking for bigger expansions seek public involvement and sell their shares through Initial Public Offerings (IPOs).

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) resemble IPOs in the cryptocurrency industry. They, too, are utilized to raise capital for a company with expansion plans. The respective companies offer ICOs through the coins, or app or their services. The buyers invest their fiat money or exchange other digital tokens to purchase them; they are offered the ICOs in return.

Reasons behind ICOs popularity

ICOs are generally backed up by the supporters of the startups like a crowdfunding venture. But more correctly, ICOs offer monetary returns to their supporters, unlike crowdfunding and thus can be referred to as crowd sales.

The main reasons for their massive acceptance are mentioned below:

  • ICOs are decentralized
  • They are highly unregulated
  • Benefits of both parties
  • Profits have high margins
  • The more the funds received, the more the value of token increases in general
  • Sometimes the prizes of tokens are pre-fixed and no of tokens increases

Popular ICOs in trends

  • Tokens in the Video Gaming Industry
  • Tokens in Social Networking sites
  • Blockchain-based services

Tokens in the Video Gaming Industry

The gaming industry dominates this space, with approximately 40% ICOs being offered in this sector as gaming is popular among all generations for its entertainment value. Industry experts believe that by 2021, the video gaming industry will grow up to $180.1 billion and so the markets will witness a rise of 10.3 % within 2017-2021.

Tokens in social networking sites

The popularity of microblogging sites is consistently on the rise across the world. Apart from the giant social networking platforms, several community-based forums and platforms are popping up every second day. Most of the users are ready to interact via these sites and respond tremendously to any new appealing concept. So tokens have great potential for mass acceptance in this domain.

Blockchain-based services

As the blockchain-based services are sprawling across every possible industry, widely blockchain applied sectors like finance, health, logistics, transport, trade, etc. covers 10% of the markets share.

Apart from the entertainment, the health and wellbeing industry, or, more specifically, the fitness industry is on boom this year.

Limitations of ICOs and solutions

The euphonious surge of ICOs’ turned the attention of regulatory authorities across the globe. Few countries like China have restricted the use of digital tokens in their markets. Also, Twitter, Facebook, and Google have banned the advertisements in 2018 as a preventive measure to curb fraudulent activities or ICO scams.

However, through proper channel recommendations and advisory services, tokens can be purchased.

Across the globe, there are more than 450 crypto startups and many more are in a row to start. More than 1500 cryptocurrencies exist so far, but a still considerable amount of failure can be witnessed in ICOs due to increased competition and certain other aspects. Firms like BlockchainMarketingNinja, thus provide an extensive marketing strategy to promote ICOs to reach to the targeted niche market. They offer exclusive services with its proven expertise in the strategic marketing of ICOs. They offer marketing support to blockchain projects, crypto startups in ICO marketing and promotions.

Realmx, a sandbox game, has recently been launched on Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain. Block Hop, the game developing firm, announced in the first week of August that the game would be fuelled by BCH. Finally, the game was rolled out on October 10 and is now available on PC and Android devices.

Sandbox is a genre of game where a minimal limitation is set on the gamer. The in-game character is allowed to roam and change the gaming environment at will. In the sandbox game, a user can select any task on his own. SimCity, GTA, and Scarface are some examples of sandbox gaming; a similar layout is provided in Realmx.

One doesn’t need BCH for getting hands-on of the game. However, BCH can help in upgrading levels and farming in-game assets. Additionally, the farmed assets can be stored on the BCH chain. The engineers working for the development of Realmx elaborated that they have been testing its compatibility with the platform and the current version is the “official release on BCH mainnet.”

The gameplay starts in the Stone Age with a variety of unique monsters. Just like any other online game, you need to create a username and password. After registration, you have to choose the in-game name and gender and then, a tour guide will pop-up and brief you about the gaming environment. As a new user, your first task is to capture a rabbit in the game. You will get a health bar, which deteriorates whenever you are attacked. The gameplay is turn-based, as in Injustice 2 or Pokémon Go.

After the completion of the first mission, you will be provided with a plot of land, where you have to sow seeds to cultivate plants similar to Hay Day or Farmville. Afterward, you have to breed and catch animals and where BCH comes into account. For catching animals, you need upgraded items and weapons that can be easily acquired using a small fraction of BCH. For now, Realmx provides a collection of four adventures namely ‘Plain of Dawn,’ ‘Mist Forest,’ ‘Desert of Fire,’ and ‘Blue Relics.’

The interesting part of the game is the integration of BCH with the game. It allows gamers to upgrade weapons easily and the feature makes the game more robust. Additionally, gamers can earn Bitcoin Cash by playing the game. The in-game crafted weapons and exclusive items can also be traded with other Realmx players.

Aventus has issued ‘Aventus Classic,’ a fully decentralized open-source protocol to bring more transparency in the ticketing sector. This move will establish new parameters for the exchange of tickets on a public blockchain with a transactional speed of 100 tickets/second. It will also bring less dependency on layer two solutions.

Aventus Classic is an innovative code, based on Ethereum Blockchain aiming to develop a decentralized application with trust and certainty.

The announcement made by the Aventus protocol foundation said, “this release marks our first real step in engaging with the open-source community as Aventus Classic will be open to contributions from everyone and will no longer solely developed by our official partners.”

A competition has also been organized to build DApp on the ticketing system opening the code for everyone. Informative technical blogs will also be written in the coming months relating the development.

The competition is open to all blockchain developers and will be conducted from September 12 to November 12, 2019. The winner will be awarded Ether worth of $15,000 and 2 VIP tickets of the ‘Satoshi awards ceremony’ in 2020. The winning DAppp will be used as the ticketing platform during the ceremony.

“With this release, we are excited to start properly realizing our vision for a more equitable and decentralized ticketing industry,” said Annika Monari and Vey, Founders of Aventus.

Touting and ticket frauds is a big threat to the UK’s 4.5billion music industry and Monari and Alan Vey are hopeful that Aventus will effectively eliminate ticket frauds and unregulated touting.

Aventus is also in the process of building a network which will be a layer two solution for Ethereum similar to plasma. It will be released by the end of this year.

Similar attempts to use the blockchain technology have been made by Ticketmaster, a global ticketing major.

Due to the increased demand for trading, many forex and crypto trading platforms have cropped up, but not all are reliable. Due to the wide range of available platforms, it gets very difficult to select the right one for the traders.  There are few online brokerage firms which have very high minimum deposits while there are others which offer limited services to their clients. A reputed trading platform with advanced tools is needed for convenient trading.

GigaFX, which offers multiple tradable assets for trading, is one of the most prominent online brokerage firms. The firm allows the users to trade in various tradable asset, including indices, valuable metals, forex, soft goods, and cryptocurrencies. This firm has gained a lot of popularity among traders due to its good services. The firm was established in 2019 with an intention to attract maximum investors and to enrich the trading experience of skilled as well as novice traders. The exceptional services offered by GigaFX makes it a unique brokerage firm.

GigaFX has everything that a good brokerage firm should offer. The team of experts is always ready to answer the queries of the traders. The traders can contact the support team through email, live chat, and calls. The support team clears the doubts within minutes. The impressive features offered by the firm makes the GigaFX one of the distinct trading platforms.

GigaFX offers different types of accounts to its traders, which they can pick according to their trading experience and backgrounds. All the accounts are different from each other in terms of features and tools available. The basic account is suitable for beginners, as it is easy to use. The demo account offered by the GigaFX helps the traders to learn the process of trading without having to risk their real money.

GigaFX is one of the few firms which allow trading in such a huge number of financial instruments. The firm also offers to trade in some of the rarest assets, including cannabis stocks. The trading platform offered by the firm is well-equipped with advanced tools and features. The firm provides an MT4 trading platform to its clients, which is very popular among the traders due to several useful features that it offers.

GigaFX is one of the best trading platforms for all kinds of traders. It enhances the trading experience of the traders by offering its extraordinary services.

A blockchain startup company based in Amsterdam, Bitfury Group, has recently created its first artificial intelligence (AI) unit, Bitfury’s top official informed the news in an interview to Reuters.

The startup company, back in November 2018, successfully managed to raise a fund of worth $80 million from various investors, including Macquarie Capital, Galaxy Digital, Armat Group, and others. This resulted, the company to be valued at $1 billion and recently, the startup firm became Hyperledger blockchain project’s member.

The AI unit of Bitfury will work along with existing blockchain solutions of the company and will remain associated with the firm.

Co-founder and CEO of Bitfury Group, Valery Vavilov mentioned the demand to examine and retrieve the value from dozens of available data made Bitfury firm to shift to AI.

The launch company’s AI unit was followed by the launch of ‘new music entertainment’ unit of the firm named ‘Bitfury Surround’ in 2019.

Vavilov further told,

Data is becoming the next oil. We have collected so much data, but only 2 percent of all this data has been analyzed; 98 percent is sitting idle and waiting to be analyzed.

According to Bitfury CEO, the best and most productive technique to examine the data is via AI.

Vavilov mentioned, ‘we also need to trust that data, so that’s where blockchain comes in.’

In 2019, one of the tech industries that attracted huge funding is AI. CB insights- a research company, revealed that 2019’s Q2 noticed a record-break investment of $7.4 billion in AI startup firms and maximum investments were recorded in the field of transportation and healthcare companies.

However, Bitfury’s CEO mentioned that the AI division is currently in ‘research mode’ and he will have more clarification over the wide range of Artificial Intelligence services that Bitfury seeks to offer by 2019 or at the beginning of next year.

Bitfury Appointed Tech Expert for Its AI Unit

The blockchain-based startup firm further announced that it had appointed Fabrizio Del Maffeo- a tech expert as the head of Artificial Intelligence. Prior to his appointment, Del Maffeo was serving AAEON Technology Europe as the Vice President and Managing Director. It is the Artificial Intelligence and IoT (Internet of Things) computing firm across Asus Group of Taiwan.

Bitfury provides numerous blockchain-based services, also manufacturers’ computer and crypto-currency mining hardware. It also operates crypto mining data centers. The company was established in 2011 and one of the popular security and infrastructure service providers for the bitcoin blockchain.

Artificial Intelligence is a computer science branch that focuses on the designing of intelligent machines, functions similar to human beings.

Vavilov mentioned in a statement,

Just as blockchain technology enables us all to fix our most broken and distributed systems, artificial intelligence will bring new and extraordinary benefits to nearly every facet of our lives. To help this incredible technology achieve maximum impact, Bitfury is expanding our mission to offer hardware and software solutions designed especially for AI applications.

Bank of England’s Chief Economist and the Monetary Policy Committee member of the bank, Andy Haldane, during an interview with Crypto Briefing, mentioned that Cryptocurrencies has ‘enormous potential.’ Andy Haldane is also the Executive Director of Monetary Analysis and Statistics. They will keep monitoring the fastest growing digital market in the world.

Bank of England (BoE) releases the British Pounds and is Great Britain’s Central Bank. The bank was established 320 years ago, and most of the other leading Central Banks of the world have adopted its model.

He has continuously emphasized that financial institutions are sure to support crypto assets development.

Haldane stated: The Bank of England has a positive attitude towards the emerging technology and also supports them because they assist in driving the services offered by financial institutions forward especially in this area of payments like digital currencies

The Chief Economist then underlined that authorities need to restrict the risk of a young industry and should back sector having tremendous possibility such as crypto industry. The crypto industry should receive maximum support.

In 2015, Haldane shared his opinion on cryptocurrency, and now for the second time, he has expressed his view.  In 2015, he mentioned there was negotiation taking place between banks in order to release first of its kind sovereign cryptocurrencies.

He did not focus on any crypto project but recommended that to integrate with the emerging technology such as digital currency with the existing mainstream system, it’s better to start with payments.

He clearly stated about cross-border payments, “where the cost of doing that is currently largely borne by poor people and needs to change.”

A few months ago, the Chief Economist advised that digital currencies might pose a risk to investors, and in March 2018, representative of Bank of England’s Governor Mark Carney issued notice on digital currencies. Later Haldane mentioned that cryptocurrencies do not cause a threat to the financial platform of the world with regards to digital currencies current growth.

Haldane further mentioned currently, the BoE can only track and keep watching companies, financial institutions, and other central banks on how they handle with the emerging technologies.

Haldane started to develop a positive approach towards these technologies back in 2015, and in 2018, for the first time, he shared his opinion to investors.

Regulations for the leading cryptocurrencies differ from country to country. Large scale businesses have a liberal approach. Countries like China and India have called for a ban on trading with cryptocurrencies and imposed strict regulations.

On 9th June, governors of central bank and finance ministers of G20 officially urged the Financial Stability Board (FSB) to regularly track the crypto asset industry and advice the authorities to approach digital currency in a better way.

The G20 finance ministers also stated they are sure of applying FAFT’s data compliance requirements to digital currency payments. More likely, these requirements will be validated by the end of June. Further, these date requirements might play a significant role in ‘preventing and combating money laundering, terrorist financing, and proliferation financing.’