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Colombian Banks Refused In Working With The Digital Crypto Market

Colombian Banks Refused In Working With The Digital Crypto Market is the leading cryptocurrency exchange which is in Colombia. The head is Alejandro Beltran. The private banks in the Columbia shuttered it. Banks are refusing to do business with the Beltran has written a letter which was open to Colombia’s president in having a hope of winning a reversal. Initially, he worked as an administrator for ten years in the finance department. Now, he is giving importance to run a business of crypto firm in Columbia.

The letter is saying that they have received interest promise in promoting the development of a new type of technologies in the country. It is by being a FinTech company named They don’t want to ask special exceptions from the banks. For getting new technologies, there will be the pressure of the government on the banks led the company to close their bank accounts. They forced the company to stop their operation and by taking away for almost 40,000 clients of buying large cryptocurrencies healthily and safely.

By the letter, the action of refusing by the banking sectors is confirmed. They closed the deal of the digital currency account without explaining a single word to the Beltran. According to the banking institutions, they are facing technical issues regarding crypto. Banks not only with, they even had decided not to involve or not to work with any world.
Beltran stated that the firm just asked to get an entrance to banking institutions to start operations. is helping people of the country to raise the importance of their new technologies. By this, the technology can be helped to have the safe crypto market.

A few months ago, the President of Colombia Ivan showed the latest technologies and had promised to reduce the taxes on the rent of digital crypto firms. Ivan also stated that if there is an increase of state of the art technologies, then it might help the nation in fighting the corruption. And also it might help injustice and medicine.
By Ivan’s statements, all the people supported him. This made him explore the implementation of blockchain new technologies. It is only to improve main sectors like health, corruption and safety and security. It used as the tracking device of the funds of the public. And that firm can provide employment services to the unemployed people.

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