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South Africans Get First Dibs On SAFCOIN, An Special African Cryptocurrency

South Africans Get First Dibs On SAFCOIN

Blockchain Company FHM (Pty) Ltd has launched the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for SAFCOIN, an exclusive African cryptocurrency that aims to make digital currency investment easy and understandable for everyone in Africa. Around lakhs of SAFCOIN tokens are available to the country of South Africa. It is offered in the initial coin offering. It is offering the local people of South Africa to invest in SAFCOIN during the startup itself. Tokens are even get brought to the initial coin offering which can migrate to coins. This is going to end on this month ending that is 31st of October.

Co-founder of SAFCOIN, Neil Ferreira is saying that the Blockchain Cryptocurrency is very confusing and it is unfamiliar to the local people, so this can prevent widespread adoption. And they are hoping that they can educate the people about the advantages of the cryptocurrency and it can help them to understand how to trade and why to trade. Even they can learn and can be a piece of the digital currency world revolution.

The South Africans lost many of the chance to invest in Cryptocurrencies like LiteCoin, BitCoin, and the ethereum when this gone rush in 2010.

SAFCOIN’s goal is to make the payment entire Africa and get the trading online. They want to boost up the trading in Africa. And they want to simplify the cross-border payment process in the counties by removing large transactions and red tapes.

They are thinking to increase the knowledge and education levels regarding the Crypto world in the African people.

5 lakh SAFCOIN tokens are available to the investors only for just R70 per token. It is with a South African bank account.

Registration procedure

● Visit the website
● Select ‘Buy tokens now’ option
● Read the terms and conditions carefully
● Select the tokens how many you want to purchase
● Then choose a verification method. Like email or text message. Because you need to enter a one- time password.
● Then pay by cash deposit/ EFT

By this way, uers can register yourself and can be an investor. Tokens can be migrated to the SAFCOIN cryptocurrency exchange world.

Ferreira is also saying that cryptocurrency is a store of wealth and it is payment processing system to facilitate affordable payments.

They have opened a call center for getting assistance and support to the local people of South Africa. Support is provided in different languages to reach the people to understand. More than 400 e-commerce businesses have indicated that they will accept SAFCOIN as payment, while FHM continues to engage with other retailers.

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