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Troy Announces BlockVC as the 4th Partner Node in Brokerage & Rewards Program

BlockVC to join TROYs Staking Program

Taking pride in being a globally acclaimed blockchain-powered investment firm, BlockVC has announced the news about its strategic partnership with renowned crypto-asset trading and asset management platform, TROY. Through an official Twitter post, BlockVC circulated the news about its addition to the TROY’s “Brokerage Reward and Staking Program” as its 4th Partner Node. BlockVC will stake TROY assets to give a boost to its ecosystem development.

According to the official report, as part of the collaboration, BlockVC will work as an active strategic investor in the TROY’s highly anticipated “Brokerage Reward and Staking Program” and will participate in the event while staking a certain amount of TROY tokens as a prominent partner node. BlockVC or the BlockVanguard Capital has established itself as a master player in the field of blockchain investment and advisory firm.

The firm strives to achieve the goal of popularizing blockchain technology and bringing it into the mainstream business. It offers support and services of finance, technology, strategy, and compliance for potential projects through its alliances in Singapore, London, and San Francisco. BlockVC boasts of a revolutionary portfolio comprising of more than 100 projects while mapping investment services such as infrastructure protocols, application protocols, and financial tools.

On the other hand, TROY offers crypto brokerage services for institutional-grade capital and professional traders to aid them in enjoying hassle-free operations. The other three Partner Nodes of TROY are Cobo Wallet, Huohuo Wallet, and IOST.

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