The NEXT coin launched by which started on the Ethereum blockchain network has now migrated to its own chain. The NEXT coin can be combined and mined with BTC which allows it to tap into Bitcoin’s security while adding value to the mining of NEXT.

$30 Million has been settled for a maximum supply which is distributed as 45% and 55% mined and staked respectively for future rewards. 

The users holding 100 NEXT coins will be given 50% trading fee discounts along with a share from the platform fee. They will also be provided with early access to IEOs, can use fiat gateways, auto staking, and many other advantages.

With the primary aim to revolutionize the digital asset exchange market, NEXT is a relatively new project that was launched in the year 2017.  The sole aim of NEXT is to create an ideal trade-off in terms of security, computing processability, and decentralization. The aim to keep the user experience as simple as possible so that general people can get used to it easily. provides a hybrid approach, offering the market with digital assets exchanges that comprise decentralized solutions but remaining regulatorily adaptable to enhance functionality.

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