China has laid out their plans to fight piracy and safeguard the interests of online writers by weeding out the plagiarized contents using blockchain technology. Local news outlet reported that the Internet court set in China’s Eastern city Hangzhou would use the blockchain technology, to ‘extract work circulating in cyberspace’ for writers to use them as evidence in court.

The Hangzhou Internet Court is a first of its kind court in China which exclusively deals with internet related cases. They claim to settle “diversified Internet disputes and claim to be a ‘first mover’ for the transformation of Internet trials.”

The country boasts of 800 million Internet users and has a booming online business. This has led to an increasing number of Internet-related disputes pending in China’s courts. To decongest this China has set up three Internet courts in Hangzhou, Beijing, and Guangzhou exclusively to handle Internet-related cases.

Hangzhou hosts a huge percentage of online writers in China. The Binjiang District in the city even has a place called “writers’ village” with as many as 107 famous online writers put up there.

Earlier, writers used to rely on screenshots or had to download content as evidence. This process was not recognized legally by the court citing that the process was not credible enough explains Wang Jiangqiao, a judge at the Internet court. Screenshots and downloaded contents can easily be faked. Not to mention the notarial procedures and hiring of professional lawyers that would push up the costs of seeking justice which makes it harder for hapless writers to get justice.

The experts maintain that the blockchain guarantees that data cannot be fiddled with, due to its decentralized and open distributed ledger technology. Wang says that any digital footprints stored in the judicial blockchain system cannot tamper. They log the authorship, time of creation, content, and evidence of infringement and these data can have the desired legal effect.

The Hangzhou court had earlier in a precedent-setting ruling announced that the evidence which has been authenticated using blockchain technology is legally binding. It was reported that the digital data would be recognized as evidence in the internet court upon verification by various methods including blockchain, time stamps, and digital signatures. CCN had reported that the Chinese government has also prioritized blockchain technology in its current economic development plan alongside other nascent technologies such as AI and quantum computing.

Within 24 hours the world’s largest cryptocurrency –Bitcoin BTC has dropped to a new low of almost 10 percent against the U.S. Dollar. On the first day of December, the reported price drop of the digital currency was 8 percent. The downfall is proving December to be a rough month for the cryptocurrency by far.
As per the reports from Coindesk, at 12:28 pm HK/ SIN (11:28 pm E.T on Thursday) Bitcoin was trading at the rate of $3,337 due the steep fall of 9.88 percent in the last 24 hours.

The second and the third largest cryptocurrencies- Ripple (XRP) and Ether (ETH).

On the other hand, other cryptocurrencies in the crypto world also saw dreadful dips in the period of the last 24 hours. Ripple XRP the second largest cryptocurrency had to face 10.62 percent drop. And Ether ETH showed a disheartening 15.90 percent; as per the reports from Coindesk.

Cryptocurrency has seen new lows this year. From the all-time whooping high of $20,000 in 2017 to the current value of $3,337, the year 2018 has given a hard time to cryptocurrency. The market value of the digital currency has dropped down to almost 87.09 percent this year from its high in January. The per day trading volumes of the cryptocurrency has also grown low, showing a drop of 61.65 percent since January, according to the data collected from Coinmarketcap.

On Thursday, an update was seen from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) about the approval process for the proposal of amending the allowance of Bitcoin exchange-traded fund ETF. VanEck SolidX Bitcoin Trust is the ETF under discussion. VanEck SolidX Bitcoin Trust is a collaboration of VanEck (a money management firm) and SolidX (a Blockchain company.) It is a third attempt of VanEck for creating a Bitcoin ETF.

According to Eduardo A. Aleman, assistant secretary in the SEC, it is wise to extend the decision-making on the proposed rule change. The reason behind this prolonged decision time is to consider the proposal for a change in the ETF rule more deeply. Before this when SEC decided to delay the decision on the VanEck SolidX Bitcoin Trust, it resulted in 9 billion dollars wiped off the Bitcoin value.

ETF helps track the rates of a financial asset which is listed on an exchange. With the help of an ETF, the trader or the investor does not have to purchase any financial asset directly. The ETF route suits investors like institutional investors for gaining access into the cryptocurrency investing system in a much safer way than to first buy Bitcoin from any cryptocurrency asset exchange.

In a cryptocurrency conference that took place in Washington D.C., one of the five commissioners of SEC, Hester Peirce said-

“Don’t hold your breath. I do caution people to not live or die on when a crypto or Bitcoin ETF gets approved. You all know what I am working on trying to convince my colleagues to have a bit more of an open mind when it comes to crypto. I am not as charming as some other people.”

At the same conference, the commissioner added that the approval of the Bitcoin ETF is really unpredictable. It can take a day or even ten years, although she assured a definite institutionalization of the crypto. She based her assurance on the infrastructure that surrounds the asset class and is getting stronger over time.

Cryptocurrency exchange and cryptocurrency futures market called ErisX received $27.5 million from Nasdaq (the second largest stock market in the world) and Fidelity (the fourth largest manager). This move shows a lot of confidence in the development of the infrastructure in the cryptocurrency market for institutional investors.

The oscillating ETF trajectory

The SEC rejected the Bitcoin ETF filing of the Winklevoss twins in July. The rejection was based on the fact that the filing depended on the cryptocurrency exchange to decipher the base rate of the currency.

In August, ETF faced another rejection by the SEC. This time, eight of the Bitcoin ETF filings were rejected because they used the CME and CBOE futures market to analyze the Bitcoin rates.

The reason why the ETF filing of VanEck SolidX Bitcoin Trust is stirring the hopes of the investors and the traders is because of the Trust’s ten years’ long track record in the Financial sector. VanEck utilizes the Over-the-counter (OTC) market to establish the rates of cryptocurrency which gets the ETF backing. Therefore, this time the VanEck SolidX Bitcoin Trust’s ETF filings were based on a different approach in comparison to the nine ETF filings that were made before it that got rejected by the SEC. In the last year, several reports have been supporting this idea that in case the OTC market proves to be larger than the cryptocurrency exchange market, the SEC may get to reconsider the approval of the ETF that is backed by a new market altogether.

On the other hand on Thursday, the lawmaking bodies of the U.S. were found trying to introduce new rules for the cryptocurrency industry. The aim is to offer better security to the investors and the traders of cryptocurrency in the U.S. and thus, marinating U.S.’s lead in the crypto landscape.

Founder of Grayscale Investments Barry Silbert, a digitalized asset organization company backed by Digital Exchange, recently stated on social media, Twitter to disclose that he has bought numerous altcoins among the marketplace competition.

Such type of trappings, besides the Decentraland, is not at all astonishing, as Grayscale presently provides security stuff for Ethereum Classic, Zcash, and Horizon, and Silbert often tweets in regards to such coins.

Though all of these altcoins is presently dealing with a great markdown comparative to all the increase in prices, few of them have interrogated whether the asset is a good one or not a good one. Few of the coins that are presently ranked at the top are ETC, ZEC, MANA and ZEN, one-to-one these coins have been given their names in the AltDex 100 Index (ALT100), a standard directory for huge-cap crypto asset and tokens.

As per the present collection of information, the mainstream of Grayscale’s victims stems from the current 10 percent decrease in Bitcoin (BTC), which reduced the overall price of the company’s Bitcoin Investment Trust from $1.356 billion to $700 million in November 2018.

This is the first time that has happened in history; the price can be sent wherever in the entire world at the same speed as info, in a safe and secure method. A parting from conformist financial, radical, and communal organizations run by a few of the large central establishments, digitalized money are power-driven by lots of peers within an internationally dispersed network, introducing info and assessment in unbelievable new techniques. An internationally distributed network, democratizing power and the price of incredible new methods. many digital currencies, every with unique comparative advantages, may radically transform legacy systems across nations and industries around the world, driving future economic growth and becoming more valuable as the keys to the company’s digital, comprehensive frugality. The numerous digitalized currencies, all of these with exceptional relative compensations, might fundamentally convert money schemes through various countries and businesses all over the world, making a future financial growth and becoming more appreciated as the solutions to the digital, global economy.

The recent grayscale report, also added $90 million in Q3, with an average for its Bitcoin Speculation Trust at $5 million at the same time its “Non-Bitcoin” Investment Products stood at $6 million each week. Approximately 67 percent of the wealth originated from established investors. Grayscale feels that the stockholders deserve a recognized, secured, and answerable partner that can aid customers to direct digital exchange capitalizing. This reason has made the company is creating apparent, conversant speculation products that enable access to this growing asset class and offer the catalyst to spend in the current digital currency-powered internet of money.

Plague Hunters, an approaching PS4 game, has accepted Sony’s appraisal procedure and will develop the very first game that has been powered by blockchain PlayStation game.

Plague Hunters will signify a significant landmark in the gaming of blockchain industry. The game is, though not a huge, inexpensive development, but it is however situated to be the best blockchain-powered game to be unconfined on slightly video game support.

The firms CEO Arcade Distillery shall be preparing blockchain- Ethereum and would be giving a non-fungible cryptocurrency token to its customers. Clients will make use of the tokens that could trade in different types of games like units and weapons, on the market. Because of the blockchain, the game market will be apparent, all dealings shall confirm, and peer-to-peer (P2P), this means that game’s budget will fit its members, and it will not be dedicated to Arcade Distillery.

The game Plague Hunters is a new character playing the game (RPG) that emphases on solitary gamer involvement but show few of the online PvP rudiments. A mystical inheritor to Plague Road, Plague Hunters, will be free-to-play and is arranged for announcement somewhere in January 2019. The distillery will then release Plague Hunters on the computer and Nintendo Switch. He will be further generating free varieties as well as Xbox One.

It appears that the business of gaming is giving huge assistances of assimilating blockchain technology in video games more commonly. Recently, Mythical Games studio stated that it had got millions in investing to make an EOS blockchain-based game. It’s no astonishment depositors are feeling happy about the thriving business of gaming given the achievement of Classic Games, Spasm, Dissonance, and others in the space. Similarly, Plague Hunter is the final blockchain gaming platform. Constructed from the pulverized up to let designers size Blockchain Games and introduce them with no waitrons effortlessly.

Financial technology (FinTech or fintech) one of the newest technology and one of the fintech company has received a guarantee from Islamic intellectuals for its distinct online currency where it further plans to start in Asian countries together with occupational growth in the region.

As per the report published in Reuters, the firm is between numerous businesses increasing into the investment so that it can get into the rapidly rising blockchain and crypto industries in all the countries and because of this reason, Islamic researchers have been motivated to extent cryptocurrency and blockchain starters for their levelheadedness on mystical surroundings.

Francesca Greco the Co-founder, informed the reporters that the Gulf county can be of actually the best place for monetary technology corporations, as they altogether wish to become centers for fintech,” tallying for a local workplace can be unlocked in the month of December 2018.

Controllers situated in the district have been wanted of investment of blockchain but presently is worried over the instability of cryptocurrencies, and this is the reason there are increasing chances for much digital currency. X8 is even planning to present a Sharia acquiescent exchange. It has even in term with crypto exchanges in Dubai, Abu Dhabi as well as Bahrain.

The report further informs that an Islamic optional company approved by Bahrain’s dominant bank, Shariyah Review Bureau has previously delivered assurance for its bitcoins. Numerous professors see trading cryptocurrency similar to the assignment of privileges that are permissible as per the law of Islamic.

Iran Continues with State-Backed Cryptocurrency as hand Iran is continuing with the growth of its private nationwide crypto sponsored by the Riel. As per the report published in a news channel the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) is preparing to sustenance the practice of a countrywide cryptocurrency. It will be distributed to monetary institutions as well as to the banks first for payment difficulty and interbank payment guides.

The market of cryptocurrency has remained cool after a small dated of ricochet at the start of the month. Though the mainstream of best 10 digital coins are in lime meanwhile, the advantage impetus is fading among low unpredictability. The entire worth of numerical possessions has come up to $200 against $220 on Tuesday. A single Bitcoin is successful selling just or $6,401, hazardously near to a significant provision level. The nation’s largest simulated coin breaks unaffected from the start of Tuesday and goes below 6% on a daily basis.

Ethereum is altering each day from $200 to 209, unaffected together on a regular basis and meanwhile the jump of the day. One of the greatest bitcoin stays inside a thin variety, reinforced by 38.2 percent Fibo once-a-month at $200, and covered by Monday at an increased level of 200.

On the other hand Ripple’s XRP is one of the greatest fruitful coins having just 2 percent improvements on Monday. XRP/UD is altering just at $0.40 after they had $0.500 last week at the time of early Asian hours. On a routine, the second main bitcoin had reached more than 10 percent.

A single Bitcoin is successful selling just or $6,401, hazardously near to a significant provision level. The nation’s largest simulated coin breaks unaffected from the start of Tuesday and goes below 6% on a daily basis.

This increasing deal capacity might be possibly credited to the Network of Bitcoin dipping average deal payment that can be probably written up to the increase in acceptance of Segwit-capable discourses and the Fast System.

While the count of the business is unquestionable which is on increase the projected U.S. dollar value and the amount of BTC in the total of the system’s dealings has dropped significantly, at -40 and 60% correspondingly.

The Global Digital Finance (GDF) is one of the not-for-profit manufacturing body with the purpose of driving acceleration and acceptance of digital finance. It publicized many of the leaders in the crypto-asset space such as Circle and Coinbase teams, as its formation members. It also unconfined its Taxonomy for Cryptographic Assets, and also its industry-led Code of Conduct.

The Co-founder of GDF is Lawrence Wintermeyer, Jeff Bandman and Simon Taylor launched in London on 19th of March in 2018. This was announced on Twitter.The GDF was created by many of the most important companies in the crypto circle: the conglomerate R3, Circle, Coinbase, ConsenSys, DLA Piper, Diginex and Hogan Lovells. The company has offices that are based in London, Hong Kong and New York City. Its founding members are focused on creating a global strategy for the sector and want to create a united community that will follow the GDF’s code of conduct.

The seven organization Members of GDF are Goldman-backed FinTech startup, crypto exchange currency, coin base, blockchain focused venture production, blockchain solutions practice, enterprise blockchain computer code, are Circle net Financial, ConsenSys, Digimax, R3 respectively transnational business firm DLA Piper; and jurisprudence firm Hogan Lovells. This cluster is maintaining GDF in evolving its international strategy, and it is growing a community membership of corporations United Nations agency want to stick to the Agreement.

GDF’s Agreement that was accepted following a series of mini-summit events command in Asia, Europe, and consequently the USA, was shaped out of assistance from over two hundred companies within the international crypto-quality community and over one hundred feedback suggestions from people and organizations. As per GDF it’s the place to begin for associate industry-led “shared rulebook”, which can document firms to prove that they “stand by good and accomplished standards in their conduct with buyers, cash handling, risk management, and market observe.” firms will register with GDF to substantiate their disposition to abide by GDF’s Code of Conduct from Q1 2019.

GDF co-founder and also representative, Simon Taylor said that the customers want to know that the companies are doing their business with are ethical and non- breaking laws of international. This is what extends from the cryptocurrencies like wallet providers, which is offering the investment type products like securities, funds and tokens and bitcoins.

The foremost digital Switzerland-based bank Swissquote Group Holding SA will allegedly develop the first bank in the world to offer its customers with the occasion to take part in initial coin offerings (ICOs). At present, if the customer wanted to subsidize in an ICO, they would need to have a straightforward knowledge of the know-how and, at the very minimum, own a blockchain wallet. However, a well-known online bank Swissquote announced that it will allow its customers to purchase ICO tokens straight against Swiss francs through their very own bank account. The bank would then handle the execution of the deal and of the custody of the purchased tokens.

LakeDiamond ICO

The first ICO to be offered as an investment option on the banking platform is LakeDiamond, a lab-grown diamond company which is raising funds to purchase new equipment. They will offer more ICOs in the future.

The pre-sale of this ICO is ongoing and offers a 10 percent bonus up to 4 million CHF (just under $4 million).The regular public sale will not open until January. Presumably, buyers will not have the opportunity to realize any gains or exchange their tokens for other cryptocurrencies before the spring.

The token itself is pegged to the cost of diamond production. Each token is meant to be equivalent in value to “1 (one) minute of growth reactor operating time, which produces lab-grown diamonds. One minute is the smallest possible unit, so the tokens are non-divisible past this point. If a diamond plate takes 180.5 minutes to grow, it will consume 181 LKD.”

While this is not an ICO Review, LKD tokens are priced around 50 cents each. There will be a maximum supply of close to 6.8 million. The funds raised will be used to improve and expand the firm’s operations. Within the system, the tokens will have utility.

Lab-grown diamonds are a growing industry which markets themselves as more ethical. The movie Blood Diamond speaks to the reason that the ethics of traditional diamonds can be seen as questionable. Like all industries which require entry into disadvantaged countries and massive labor forces, the diamond industry has its share of detractors. Nevertheless, not everyone feels they are more ethical. There is the fact that they require less labor and if they became the norm, many thousands of people would find themselves without a livelihood

Speaking on the matter, Marc Burki, CEO at Swissquote, noted:

True to our philosophy to democratize finance by offering services that are simple and accessible to everyone, we are now offering our clients the opportunity to help grow start-ups. Combining crowdfunding with the blockchain creates a new form of fundraising. Thanks to contributions starting at 33 Swiss francs, clients can participate without being required to invest large sums into venture capital or private equity funds.

Progress in the Making :

Switzerland is rapidly determining up as a global blockchain center as the nation seems pretty open of the ground-breaking technology. In the month of September 2018, FINMA issued a cryptocurrency fund with a regular asset management authorization, putting it in the same basket as other non-crypto asset managers.

Besides this back in February 2017, the country’s monetary watchdog also introduced ICO regulations which gave shelter to much administrative clarity on the matter. All the same, before banks even took notice of bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, cryptonaughts have also capitalized in ICOs. While it is definitely optimistic to see a bank be so progressive, eventually banks are not essential for investment into ICOs and are additionally decreasingly necessary for everything at all as the blockchain rebellion moves on.

The once flourishing South American nation of Venezuela has been descending into an economic disaster over the last few years. The collective government of Hugo Chavez has been shadowed by current President Nicolás Maduro, and the economic policies put in place has transformed a country with more oil reserves than Saudi Arabia into a literal hell on Earth.

Rise is rampant as prices for consumer goods have skyrocketed an enormous 741% from early 2016 to early 2017. Experts are anticipating the rate of inflation to really hit 1600% later this year.

Into this maelstrom steps an unlikely hope for the masses: Bitcoin. Many starving Venezuelans are now mining the digital currency in order to just survive. has loomed Amazon for comment over the allegations they are failing to implement sufficient checks on new users. The most disastrous economic disasters in history as inflation reaches unparalleled levels and normal food items become almost priceless and due to this economic turmoil, Venezuelans are being forced to turn to unconventional means to make ends meet and, in an unusual fad, they are using video games to make a profit – despite only tiny amounts of money being available.

In an outlandish concept known as “gold farming”, Venezuelans are “farming gold” in online fantasy games such as RuneScape and Tibia. It is forbidden to conduct real-world trading within RuneScape because it goes against the spirit of the game. But the practice has become so popular with Venezuelans they are now contributing to inflation inside the virtual world.

The insider said: “They defeat the economy of the game.”

Efrain Peña, 29, who plays games to support his wife and child, previously told Bloomberg: “We’ve never made this much before.

“What job can match what we’re making now?”

Enegebe Sención, 30, an unemployed computer programmer who played Tibia to support his family, said: “It’s shameful. I never thought game currency would be worth more than that of our country.”

Earlier this year the Venezuelan government slashed five zeros from the Venezuelan bolivar in a bid to slow down rampant hyperinflation.

But the efforts did little to thwart the problem, as the economy continues to spiral out of control – forcing hungry Venezuelans to travel to new nations in search of a better life.

In September, Venezuela’s annual inflation hit 488,865 percent in a sign the economy is not yet recovering as hyperinflation continues to accelerate amid a wider economic collapse.

In a caustically worded article published on Wednesday 10th Oct on its website, the American Association of retired persons abbreviated as AARP ascribed a bizzare definition to Bitcoin. In its slideshow post titled “Improve your financial literacy with this glossary” .the definition of Bitcoin was severally contentful while other terms such as “emerging markets” and exchange trading finds are defined using their financial language. Initially defining the term asset allocation in a level-headed manner the article moves on to define Bitcoin in a few dismissive and inaccurate words

The post says that:

“Bitcoin: A bunch of computer code that a bunch of criminals, idealists and speculators agree is worth ‘real’ money. Sadly, its real-money value swings widely, making it impractical except for criminals, idealists and speculators.”

And then the article takes a shot at the term blockchain and says

“Blockchain: 1. A different bunch of computer code containing an unalterable record of a series of transactions. The most famous is a digital ledger recording all bitcoin transfers. 2. A word often uttered by companies hoping to snare investors’ attention — and dollars.”

The harsh language looks like the language used by a cryptocurrency skeptic Jamie Dimon who called it a fraud and scam and insisted that only less intelligent people could take it seriously. The generational divide on the topic of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is clearly exacerbated by such publication of anti-crypto material in the medium aimed demographically.

Circle published a report last month which showed that 25 percent millennials showed interest in purchasing cryptocurrency. This is 10times more than baby bloomers who make up last demographic majority made up by AARP.

Although this problem looks self-solving as according to statistics more and younger people will inevitably drive popular culture and make the crypto adoption mainstream. The continued anti crypto stance of many who are used to traditional finance can be harmful to crypto investment by discouraging older Americans who typically have 10 times as much as money from saving in crypto than in millennial.