For the past 24 hours, in spite of promising rate movement of Bitcoins from low, that is of 6500 dollars to 6600 dollars. BTC has fallen below the 6600 dollars mark.

Traders have offered contrasting viewpoints throughout the two days ago. Some told that there is a low volume of Bitcoin is a concern for the crypto world. And many other people stated that the selling pressure on the digital asset has reduced. It may allow BTC to increase in value in the future days.

Based on some technical indicators, Bitcoins are more exposed to bears than the bulls. The crypto market is unable to demonstrate oversold situations. But the low volume leaves the cryptocurrency may vulnerable to movements on the downside.

There are important developments in the cryptocurrency world for the bulls. It is on the institutionalization and the strengthening of the cryptocurrency exchange market.

Don Alt who is the trader of Cryptocurrency exchange said that the next upcoming move would be so incredibly in hindsight. Bulls will have to increase in the legislative and the institutional interest, lowers the holdings, and the BAKKT coming. Bears will have the missing final shakeout, weakening 6k support and selling off the stronger than rallies.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are in a stage of exponential development with rapid growth. Coinbase is on the verge of finalizing a deal with the Tiger Global to secure a 500 million dollars funding round at a valuation of 8 billion dollars.

Coinbase is more than a Quadrupled its valuation from 1.6 billion dollars to 8 billion dollars. It is after processing hundreds of billions of dollars in crypto traders and serving 20 million users on its stage.

BAKKT is the regulated cryptocurrency exchange. Based on the progress levels made by this BAKKT, operated by Starbucks, Microsoft and ICE/ NYSE and the increasing demand for the crypto from the investors in the financial sector, the next big move will be surely done on the hindsight.

In the short-term, poor technical indicators of BTC and other cryptocurrencies which can include Bitcoin Cash, Ripple and EOS could leave the crypto market which is vulnerable to a downtrend.

A less risky move for the investors would be to wait out for the next small move in the cryptocurrency market. It is possibly done until the Bitcoin breaks out of the major resistance level at 6800 dollars.

Bitcoin has tended to be unpredictable with its capacity in the past. In one day period, BTC demonstrated 20 to 40% surge in its volume.

It is possible for the BTC to record a sudden rise in volume and the surge in volume to break out of the 6800 dollars mark.

For bulls and bears in the world, the rate trend of the cryptocurrency exchanges market remains unpredictable. It is as such as the sensible route to trading in the market in the future days would be to watch the market keenly for any changes.

Tron is one project which delivered on its milestones. It boasts of having one of the fastest expanding blockchain ecosystems in the world. And also it possesses a highly new dApp environment which is more evaluative than the many competitors.

Now, Tron is considered to be the world’s 13th largest cryptocurrency. The Tron network is now closing 4 lakh customers’ accounts. It is which the comparison to the Ethereum’s total customers’ accounts which is near 13 times the 4 lakh.

Even the tron’s organization revealed a host of other fascinating statistics about the network. It has collected 20% more users than EOS within 90 days of start.TRX’s peak number volume is 49 times higher than of EOS all time. The daily transaction per day is 29 times higher than the Ethereum.

Recently, in the updated news, it was showing that the Tron organization finished its move to burn more TRX tokens. This latest coin burn was the company’s fifth undertaking and to eliminate of 4.9 billion old tokens. This makes the firm’s burned token amount to almost 98 billion ranges.

When the Tron Virtual Machine was launched on the last month, many of the experts believe that a host of developers will be given more incentive to switch over to the TRX. By switching, it needs to be developing their ecosystem dApps. Tron website is showing 12 same dApps which are in different stages of overall development.

ProjectAtlas is the organization which is moving ahead right on the schedule. But for the starters, it can appear as it is getting developed. But TRX also integrated into the Cryptocurrency into Bit Torrent. It has been successful in combining.

TRON is one of the largest and fastest blockchain operating systems in the world. TRX consistently handles 2000 transactions per second (for example, BTC handles 3-6 transactions per second). The project was founded by Justin Sun, the creator of Peiwo app — one of the leading app of the online audio content which already has more than 10 million users. It looks like the wallet has been developing a lot lately and it will only get better, so follow our blog for the most important developments on the Tron network.

While there is too much conjecture about the correct approach towards cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, Joseph Lubin has given an optimistic statement regarding the cryptocurrency.

Joseph Lubin is ConsenSys founder and Ethereum co-creator. He shared his views in a Quartz op-ed, on the “equal waves of fascination and skepticism” concerning cryptocurrency. He stated that “Cryptocurrency is in many ways a natural evolution of prior representational systems, though one that favors truth over state-sanctioned power.”

Lubin also illustrated some of the occurrences referred to the history to claim that society has always been a bit skeptical towards those who come up with fresh ideas of money. He further added to the matter by saying that, there was a time when much of Europe was not convince on representative money until the 1600s. In fact, digital cash transfers and wires were also adopted very late.

In his views, by the time the application of cryptocurrencies could take us to better distributions of wealth, because of the power of decentralized networks. He said that networked open platforms will serve as the foundation for “collective common-good relationships,” inclusively replacing an adversarial system that contains corporations and customers.

Lubin also feels that virtual currency and blockchain will help displaced persons or refugees to sustain an identity, by utilizing the technology to store and present documents in other countries, for their economic survival. Thus, he perceives currencies as just the “21st century’s version of that flimsy paper money”, and he also indicated that the decentralized and open character behind them differs from the “government-run property systems.”

Additionally, Lubin also spoke to Bloomberg in mid-August this year, he marked that the price collapse would seem like “little pimples on a chart” because of future exponential growth. He firmly believes that each bubble has actually led to a “tremendous surge in activity.”

Apart from that Lubin interviewed with CNN at TechCrunch Disrupt SF, where he talked about the work of ConsenSys. ConsenSys functions on projects related to education, consultancy, advising, and capital markets endeavors.

Adding to that he said that the company is governing according to the guidance from the SEC’s director of corporation finance, Bill Hinman, especially regarding the questions about if a particular token project is a security token or a consumer utility.

Answering on the question about the future disruptive capabilities of ConsenSys’ work, Lubin said that the blockchain could be a big path breaker in almost any scenario where there are “companies or people who don’t trust one another” but want “to enhance trust in their interactions.”

Even after price turbulence, Lubin’s upbeat attitude seems to reflect earlier hopeful sentiments about continued growth.

China has executed strictest policy against all those public news run and broadcasted on WeChat, one of the messaging app powered by Tencent as of 21st August 2018. Tencent is assisting Chinese authorities to provide all those public accounts that run updates and news about the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Almost nine public accounts have been closed that provided crypto-based news. Coindaily, Huobi Zixun, Shenlian, Caijing are amongst those renowned public accounts that was running crypto news.

According to WeChat (link in Chinese) said in its statement that some public accounts already violated China’s regulations by introducing instant messaging services (link in Chinese). They were also accused of coming up with their initial coin offerings (ICO) by spreading rumors on cryptocurrency trade.  Needless to say that China is renowned for its cryptocurrency. After restricting crypto trade and ICOs, the country’s central bank would explore to introduce its own digital currency. While using WeChat to execute the strictest policy against crypto trade and blockchain ecosystem, the authority is considered to have a transparent governing system in place.

Wang Peng, Founder of Shenlian, commented that “We’ve sensed the strictest coming half a month ago, and have prepared for it, but we weren’t able to escape it,” “This is the beginning of Shenlian and our chance. We will be 100 times better than what we are now.”

Let’s not forget that China is the second largest economies in the world trailing the USA. If anyone wants to know about the crypto trade and blockchain, that must be learned and practiced through the official channels. China is accepting and applying the new age technology – Blockchain ecosystem however in an ethical manner!!

Cryptocurrency has had the worst fall in this year after just a brief increase in the month of July. Lately the cryptocurrency markets have reached their lowest. It began with Bitcoin falling in value and other prominent currencies following suit, these are XRP, Ripple, and Ethereum. This was not expected as cryptocurrencies were doing pretty well till last year with the closing of the most popular currency Bitcoin at the highest point, that is $20000. It is gradually recovering but this volatility has become a part of the market, it has come to be recognized as a characteristic of the market.

The recovery in the market is taking place due to the increase of interest of a larger section of people in this form of trading, this interest will lead to an enhanced awareness related to cryptocurrency and it will lead to an efficiency which was not seen previously, an emerging expertise in the sector of cryptocurrency is the need of the hour and soon it will be noticed that the users in this field are more efficient than the previous times. All these factors can collaborate to bring about an enhanced ease in the sector of virtual currency and therefore it can be on its path to recovery.

As of now, the investors and the users are hopeful that the situation in the market would not take a difficult turn. However, volatility has always remained attached to the sector of virtual currency and it is for this reason that a detailed speculation of the market and its behavior pattern is required. As of now, one can only hope that there is some success as far as the recovery in the field of cryptocurrency is concerned, considering the arbitrariness of the sector.

31st July-Turns out reforms were required in the agricultural section of China and therefore a new action has been taken by the Agricultural Bank of China, which is the ABC bank. This bank has given mortgage of worth three hundred thousand dollars based on blockchain technology. A part of the land was considered as collateral and Mortgage loan was issued. The details of this transaction were given to several other sections in the banking sector, including the several banks operating on commercial purposes as well as People’s bank of China. Here are the further details of this operation.

By undertaking the use of Blockchain technology to see to it that the loans are issued appropriately, the bank has assured that there is a relative ease in the sanctioning of the mortgages and loans. This is due to the fact that an enhanced number of intermediate entities only make the functioning more difficult; a lot of time gets consumed in the process involved with getting the loan approved by the bank. This move by the Agricultural Bank of China has ensured that a lot of time and money of the bank as well as well as the parties involved gets saved.

Another major advantage of taking such a step has been that the verification procedure becomes easier. The information that is received by the bank can get easily verified through the optimization of the Blockchain technology which has been incorporated. Moreover, the lives of the people belonging to the agricultural sector, that is, the various farmers will also get easier as they would be able to avoid the tedious procedure of waiting for hours in the queues and the whole spectrum of unnecessary formalities can now be avoided through the incorporation of cryptocurrency.

As of now, this new system has been placed only in the Guizhou province, but it can be believed that there is a chance that this system would also be incorporated in the other branches of the country based on the way things work out in this branch. However, there is a remarkable complexity involved in bringing blockchain technology to the banking sector, especially, that part of banking sector which has to do with agricultural development. More ease has to be brought in this way of sanctioning loans and mortgages if it has to prove to be a success in the long run.

Agricultural Bank of China is said to have gained the support of HyperChain to provide this feature at its platform. HyperChain is a start-up in the blockchain industry which is based in Hangzhou. ABC bank has entered into a partnership with this Blockchain startup and there are several other upgrading projects in the pipeline for this partnership.

There is no doubting the fact that crypto currency has some important role to play in the modern financial sector across the world. That stems from the fact that it is the newest form of trade that several countries are looking towards and looking at exploring as much as possible, there is an increasing curiosity towards it in the modern times as to the kind of benefits which can be reaped from getting involved in crypto currency operations. As far as India is concerned, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding crypto currency in the country, especially after the circular of RBI and the strife between RBI and crypto currency well wishers in the country. However, RBI has surprised the economic sector this time.

In a surprising feat, RBI has stated that it is calling for the regulation of crypto currency, instead of the complete ban that it has been calling for, for a long time now. This has come as a major surprise because the bank has now removed itself completely from the policy making in crypto currency; moreover, it has requested Supreme Court for the regulation norms. In a surprising act of chivalry, it has also managed to accept that it had not done the required research before demanding a complete ban on digital currency in India.

The final hearing for this case would be in the month of September but this is for the first time that the Central bank of India has changed its stand about the crypto currencies and has called for the regulation since the issue was taken up. Further on, a committee has been set up which will look into the formulation of policies of this sector of the economic system in India.

It is also being said that crypto currency in India will be treated as a commodity, that is to say, it will eventually be regulated and managed in the same way that the traditional currencies are being managed in the market. However, the softening of RBI towards crypto currency has changes a lot of other perspectives towards crypto currency in the market as well.

The final decision of the Supreme Court will be announced in the month of September, but the change of tone of the Reserve Bank of India has come as a relief to the several well wishers of crypto currency, but the suspicion towards crypto currency continues to pervade the economic sector and that is why need for regulation is called for, moreover, September will decide the fate of virtual currency in India, in spite of the existing speculations in the market.

6th July-While the western world is looking at conquering new horizons through the means of crypto currency, there are heated debates raging in India over a lot o things related to crypto currency. With the final verdict of the courts of the nation, crypto currency has been banned, however, while a lot of people in India had hopes in finding a better luck with crypto currency, the politicians of India seem to have a whole set of different motives from the fate of crypto currency and the role that it played in the Indian markets.

Soon after the news of backlash faced by virtual currency due to the RBI and the decision of Supreme Court, another feud has gripped the country and this is because the ruling party, that is, the Bhartiya Janta Party has been accused of being involved in a scam by the opposition, that is, Indian National Congress. The amount that BJP is accused of is immense; it comes to about thirteen billion dollars today.

The person who has spoken on the behalf of Indian National Congress is Shaktisinh Gohil, he has claimed that lot of illegal money has been converted by the BJP leaders into crypto currency. He is demanding a thorough search into this alleged scam and wants the truth to come out as soon as possible.

This claim of Congress party has to do with an individual called Shailesh Bhatt who has had a history in swindling money; it was initially found to have been guilty of being part of two major scams with regards to virtual currency. It has been alleged that it is the same person who is related to this scam as well. A lot of investigation is taking place as far as this part of the news is concerned.

However, the feud of Bitcoin does not stop at that, authorities of Gujarat Law enforcement found out that a legislator of BJP is involved in this scam. This legislator has escaped the clutches of the police and because he has escaped, it has been believed by the members of opposition that this person might also be part of the scam which is carried out by the members of Bhartiya Janta Party.

Another theory that opposition has come up with is intended to strike at the roots of the ruling party. It is alleged that the demonetization that was carried out was done to construct a cover for the money that was earned by BJP through wrong means. The most obvious question asked by the opposition party is the reason why no one from this party is bothering to ask the questions regarding this scam and investigating the issue.

There is a lot of bad blood between crypto currency and Indian economic system at this juncture. The country is at a stage when it is hard to determine in what way will the issues of digital currency drive not only the economic considerations of the nation but also its influence can be noticed in the political realm of the country.