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Gerard Niles has been active in the financial market since 2012 having strong skills in curating latest cryptocurrency stories and writing. As a writer, he had been writing on other cryptocurrency sites as well before getting into CoinNewsPulse. In his free time, you will find him with financial books and content.
Is Ethereum Mining Profitable in 2022?
Ethereum News

Is Ethereum Mining Profitable in 2022?

Introduction A decentralized network requires every participant to abide by the transactions orders which are executed by miners by solving cryptographically encrypted puzzles for blocks production and for securing the decentralized network from attacks. What Is Ethereum? Ethereum is the...

Ontology Coin Here's All You Need to Know!
Crypto News

Ontology Coin: Here’s All You Need to Know!

Overview A significant reason behind the massive growth spurt of the blockchain industry is the countless promising ventures supporting it. One such platform is Ontology, an esteemed open-source blockchain specializing in decentralized data and identity.  Developed by Li Jun, the...

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