Technology giant ASUS is now planning to make it possible for gamers to use the extra power to process their existing graphics cards to gain profits by introducing ways to mine cryptocurrency. Recently, in an official announcement, the Taiwanese company stated that they are entering into a partnership with Quantumcloud, a crypto mining app. In this partnership, both ASUS and Quantumcloud are going to allow gamers to gain passive income by legally accessing their ASUS graphic cards (also called as GPUs). These cards are currently not being used much for related functions of PC.

According to Quantumcloud’s website, with the usage of this mining app, the ASUS graphic cards which are owned by different gamers on the network shall be used to powerup cloud-based crypto miners to generate huge profit. And, these GPU owners will be given a percentage for each and every ticket that got mined, based on the total amount of power that they are going to provide. ASUS also gave an assurance that the financial data would be held in complete privacy and would get huge protection under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Being the leading manufacturer in Graphics cards in the global market, ASUS said that they are properly positioned to be a fine distribution agent for the mining app Quantumcloud, that pays its customers depending on how effective their systems could be, especially at mining cryptocurrencies.

On an annual basis, ASUS will take the responsibility of producing a humongous number of high-end quality graphics. The company also possesses a vast user base, which would be good enough to gain a passive income once they start accessing it by installing the mining platform Quantumcloud software. On the other side, Quantumcloud will not entertain its users to develop unique IDs to withdraw profits, and rather the users can sign into their PayPal, WeChat accounts and get their earnings transferred straight into these platforms. The company’s official blog also showed that the company has been able to integrate cryptocurrency mining, fiat transfers, digital wallet management, and other currency conversions into their software through backend services. However, they stated that there couldn’t be any guarantee that every user is going to earn profits through this procedure.

According to their official announcement, the company cautioned all the gamers that, “Performance of the cryptocurrency will decide the earning rates and none can guarantee, influenced in any way to Quantumcloud company.”

Crypto miners are usually fond of mining individually with their unique graphics cards or GPUs by pooling them together with the use of proper dedicated software. However, GPUs cannot mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies effectively. The cryptocurrencies generally require ASICs, a kind of specialized integrated chips so that they can be mined profitably since the difficulty and complexity involved in mining them are too much for regular graphics cards (GPUs) to handle.

In November, Hash Wars BCH Community will be evaluating a six day of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain split. The entire set of the group of the committee is still deliberating the topic at the more considerable distance. Since the restraint separation in 2 discrete systems, other trading exchanges such as Bitstamp and Coinbase have re-established BCH marketplaces by selecting to grade the ABC restraint along with the exchange ticker BCH.

It’s more than a week from November 15, 2018, since the split and the continuing hash war has instigated emotions that have mixed. Coin Dance statistics say that there are 800 blocks excavated. Subsequently, the agreement instructions have altered, and the ABC chain is six blocks ahead. Also, the proprietors of Coin Dance have thought the ABC chain as the victor of the BCH designation and at present have mentioned to the chain as Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Data also displays that there is more than 44 percent of BCH that are proof-of-work (PoW) as compared to the BSV network. A news published in Bitcoin News, together with both the chains have mostly 4,000 PH/s and 4 exhaust worth of hash rate respectively. Though this figure has mainly varied and the norms are firmer to know in just a small period.

Cryptocurrency exchanges such as Poloniex and Bittrex have been coming back online. Nonetheless, worldwide BCH trade volume is decidedly less at present having just $84 million worth of BCH exchanged over the last 24 hours. The divided coin BSV is transacting for about $100 at as compared to other exchanges such as Kraken, Bittrex, Poloniex, and Coinex. The mixing supply is presently unidentified currently, however, data from Coinmarketcap shows that there are almost $60 million rates of SV trade volume till date.

Moreover, two biggest exchanges have publicized re-establishing BCH markets and have planned to offer the ABC chain the BCH ticker. On November 19, 2018, the San Francisco crypto exchange Coinbase mentioned that it had been carefully observing the BCH network. The Coinbase blog says it has seen consensus and the BCH ABC chain will recollect the title of Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The exchange stated some factors came into production including accumulated PoW and hash rate. At present, the business has recommenced Coinbase Pro interchange and the iOS, and Android apps must be prepared by December 2018. The exchange has also highlighted that the company will endure observing the SV chain.

One of the foremost cryptocurrency has been recently been imperfect to an entire source of many separate coins. Dr. Ammous recently argued on the topic that the mineworkers” have exposed this exact amount of crypto, the nation’s supply will be drained. The immovable source clarifies how the value of bitcoin in past years has valued by around millions. The toughest coinage ever shaped, will achieve over current fiat amounts of money since its limited source incomes it will constantly be a better “store of value” over time, bitcoin economist Dr. Saifedean Ammous has recommended.

The volume conspiracies bitcoin past after they formation done with a computer operator or collection of programmers known as Satoshi Nakamoto for many years after that, and in contradiction of all probabilities, this nobody independent dispersed software providing an irresistible and internationally nearby hard currency other than the contemporary famous banks.

Dr. Ammous said in regards to bitcoin topic to a news channel that blockchain is never the puppet you wished for, they are the drug that is a necessity. The subordinate of the middle on Permitted enterprise and Civilization at Columbia College additionally mentioned that “Bitcoin is not non-compulsory. It will stay incessantly. It will begin every other currency’s body the reason is as its source is just completely set. According to during writing the total amount of bitcoins in the movement was 17, 374, 775.

As per Dr Ammous though the amount of coins inflow increases the crypto will be a “securer” advantage, creation it the finest store of value. BTC has developed a “financial upright” since its value is “totally strong-minded by purchasing obtaining it and vending it” rather than persons creating it, Dr. Ammous pointed out this.

The corporeal possessions of substances are no longer significant in them ahead a financial role, he clarified.

Bitcoin, Dr Ammous kept, is the “all-conquering juggernaut of financial inducements” because as its supply incrementally upsurges yearly, its value flies – unlike outmoded fiat currencies.

The reason for the dramatic rise in BTC’s price is since the supply development rate is very less.

Unicorn Silicon Valley cryptocurrency Coinbase has occupied a rare and exclusive way out to employ and recollect miscellaneous workers. From the start of the summer, this new exchange has silently accessible to take up till $4000 once in a year for cures such as egg-freezing over the potency assistances startup Incentive. This operative bonus, which aids females consider children later in life, is offered in totaling to Coinbase’s health assurance selections.

The advantage has made the Coinbase in a choice group of companies with Apple, Google, and Facebook, that has even provided freezing of egg advantages. Nonetheless, HR expert John Paller and the originator of the assistance and staff startup Opolis, mentioned to CoinDesk stating that fertility treating care is extremely uncommon among businesses in over-all, let alone blockchain startups.

It further stated that just the greater disbursing, well-off corporations would even reflect totaling an advantage like this. Concerning crypto corporations, numerous of them are just reckoning out how to deliver straightaway advantages to their staffs. In such a technique, the extra designates the method how the exchange, has lately elevated $200 million in a backing overweight that appreciated the business keeping a record of $9 billion, is leveraging its sufficient capitals in a violent rivalry for blockchain talent.

Coinbase crypto exchange will not reveal the numerous types of employees have taken the benefit of these actions, quoting confidentiality apprehensions. But McGrath highlighted that such aids are obtainable to every worker and their associates, irrespective of sex or orientation. Unexpected staffs can use such advantages to aid them to consider, while many others can also smear the same assistance to their associates.

Carrot CEO On the other hand, Tammy Sun informed CoinDesk that numerous different crypto firms have come out from 2017 to begin discovering the same assistance. As a whole the Carrot everything with “lots” of companies, Sun said.

A good programmer and a fanatic of Cryptocurrency, John McAfee, exposed that his intention to use his 2020 offer for U.S. presidency as a method to indorse permission fewer cryptocurrencies. He also told about the upcoming election, albeit with hidden motives. As contrasting to turning his wonders on becoming 46th President of the United States, he put forward his opinions as the campaign procedure. He is making it a significant occasion which is to encourage Bitcoin and cryptocurrency to all the users and also including common man. He declared that this platform is going to be that comparable to that of the present open-minded environment. However, he is self-assured that no one will elect him as a president.

McAfee did broaden on why he is so charmed and so helpful of cryptocurrency world, in spite of being an already self-sufficiently wealthy man by succeeding his creation of McAfee Antivirus Software. McAfee informed that he was so worried about the idea of “individual freedom.” He also found that cryptocurrency presented an excellent choice for satisfying that degree of freedom with a high-level movement. He also talked about individual liberty and also how cryptocurrency is going to aid the people to achieve that.

The future president of U.S.’s idea will not be the starting one for McAfee, who required the Libertarian Party nomination in 2016. McAfee has then requested that if he “been more associated with the public in 2016,” he shall have better encouraged the knowledge of “money independence.”

According to him, which he gave back in his 2016 run, he had primarily focused on the gaps in cybersecurity. McAfee broadcasted on Twitter in July 2018 that he would stop supporting Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) due to cyber pressures from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The entrepreneur had acknowledged in accusing over one lakh dollars per a tweet to support cryptocurrency projects and the products.

Thailand’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has cautioned and advised about 9 illegal tokens and initial coin offerings. These must not be accepted by the specialists not even it has been crossed the limits. Plus the controller is also allegedly seeing letting asset management corporations to present cryptocurrency funds.

The Thai SEC has taken the decision on Friday for the one who has not applied for approval. Though, the consultant has found posts on social media, such as on Youtube as well as Facebook, openly endorsing and importuning savings and reserves into it.

The 9 unauthorized tokens contain 5 tokens and four ICOs. As per the website of Thai SEC’s, the tokens are each coin, Orientum coin, One coin and OFC coin, Tripxchain coin, and TUC coin. On the other hand,4 ICOs are ones that are delivered by Kidstocurrency, G2S Expert, Singhcom Enterprise and Adventure Hostel Bangkok.

The Thai SEC specifically noted five key risks associated with the above nine tokens and ICOs. Firstly, they have not applied for approval or been approved by the commission. Secondly, they have not been evaluated by any SEC-licensed ICO portals. In addition, they may not provide adequate disclosure for investors. Next, their issuers and promoters have not been licensed to carry out digital asset-related activities. Lastly, they may not be liquid and may not be easily converted to cash, the commission detailed.

Thai SEC Warns About 9 Unauthorized TokensIn August, the Thai SEC warned about a company called DB Hold Plc that had been soliciting investments in its token without approval. The regulator subsequently ordered the company to cease all token issuance and promotional activities. Local companies that launched their ICOs before the country’s regulations took effect, such as Jmart Plc, are allowed to continue their token activities without gaining approval.

While the publication emphasized that no proposal has been submitted to the commission, SEC deputy secretary-general Tipsuda Thavaramara was quoted describing:

We have to consider this carefully because it is a new type of investment asset … If something goes wrong, there will be a huge impact on the mutual fund industry.

According to the Bangkok Post reported on October 22, 2018, with the increasing attention in cryptocurrencies in Thailand and overseas, the SEC is planning to allow asset management corporations to introduce digital asset funds to meet rising speculation demand for digital assets.

The news channel further stated that the Association of Thai Securities Companies mentioned that numerous securities companies are fascinated by preliminary crypto businesses for examples like exchanges, brokers, dealers, and ICO portals. One of the major asset management businesses in Thailand, SCB Asset Management Co. Ltd., an associate of Siam Commercial Bank, exposed in February its wish to introduce a crypto fund that capitalizes in bitcoin futures.

Presently, there are 6 crypto exchanges have been momentarily been approved by the Thai SEC to function in the country although the different applications are being appraised and been studied. Some of them are Bx, Bitkub, Cash2coin, Tdax, Coin Asset, and Seadex.

Besides the above, other two traders were provisionally approved. They are Coins Th and Thaiwm. Though from the month of September 28, 2018, the final part has withdrawn its request and stopped crypto-related procedures.

Samsung has announced that it has completed all the processes involved with the 7- Nanometer LPP. It is with the extreme ultraviolet lithography technology. LPP stands for Low Power Plus.

Recently, the Korean company has started the wafer production for these next-generation semiconductors. This year has seen a lot of famous semiconductor technology. It is some of the world’s leading manufacturers have been producing 7nm and also 10nm chips of semiconductors for companies worldwide. Last year, bitcoin mining rig manufacturers have been in need of these high semiconductors chips. This performance is from all over the world. At that time, only some manufacturers produce these chips.

Suddenly, GMO, Bitman, Canaan and Ebang and many other firms also announced that the production of sets of new mining rigs which can be used for this semiconductor technology. They have revealed the firms are working with the Taiwan Semiconductor Company (TSMC) or also the Samsung when it comes to building new machines. And Globalfoundries also announced that it had decided to stop its manufacturing 7 Nanometer semiconductor chip processing.

Samsung’s Vice President, Charlie Bae explained that the production will help mobile and HPC technology and also there will be a wide range of cutting-edge applications. This is the fundamental shift in how wafers are manufactured gives their customers the chance to importantly increase their products to the market with the decreased layers and with the best yield. And also explained that the process will offer customers with the confidence that Samsung 3 Nanometer semiconductor chips will be coming in further.

There is a lot of demand causing from the other technology when compared to TSMC and the Samsung. They are working with the different bitcoin mining rig manufacturers. TSMC producing 7-nanometer semiconductor chips to the Apple and Huawei mobiles. It will be used in the next-generation semiconductors.

Samsung is helping bitcoin rig makers to get their hands on quicker semiconductor chips. The starting of 7-nanometer production has in its manufacturing plant in Korea. This firm has been introducing semiconductor improvements. And they are conducting event regarding this semiconductor chips in Korea, Japan, and China. The recent announcement and the event were held for the 7 Nanometer semiconductor chips which can help bitcoin rigging.

Football the world’s most prevalent sport lately received partnership deals with the various organizations in the cryptocurrency industry. Cryptocurrency companies have convinced a number of a top football club to take sponsorship from them. These top clubs include clubs like Arsenal, Tottenham and Paris Saint-Germain. If not sponsorship then such clubs have announced plans to launch ‘fan-tokens’ in order to increase money and recover their fan assignation and contribution experience.

With the beginning of football season in the month of August seven English premier league clubs including the 2016 champions, Leicester City agreed to a marketing corporation a crypto trading platform eToro. During the same period, Juventus and Paris Saint Germain which are two of most valuable football clubs announced their plan of launching their own fan tokens using frameworks that are to all intents and purposes, During the same period sleeve sponsorship deal was announced by Wolverhampton Wanderers with Cyprus-based crypto exchange Coindeal.

Meanwhile, Ronaldinho, previous world player of the year presented his Ronaldinho soccer coin via Twitter to his 18 m followers. The RSC scheme was industrialized by the Malta-based company, World Soccer Coin and it will subject as numerous as 1bn digital tokens for about 25 US cents each. The raised funds from investors will go towards a project such as giving football produce to underprivileged children and developing an escort gambling business. Brazilian Serie A club Avai in September announced its plans cryptocurrency in proposed $20 million ICO in partnership with Sparty co, a blockchain firm. While Cardiff City and Newcastle United in England announced their plans too about the partnership with Sparty co to raise much-needed funds through ICO’s.

Even though regulators have noticed a flurry of crypto-related activities within football circles particularly in the continent of Europe there has not been a single public statement indicating official stand on the trend so far. This does not, however, mean that they are not taking note of the situation.

According to financial times a leading media that covers financial news, despite the silence of watchdogs from around the globe, the impact of increased ICO popularity within the sport is really concerning, particularly with the morality of marketing with typically low information investors and corporate governance.

Prof Simon Chadwick of the University of Salford said:

The same 18- to 45-year-old affluent or emerging affluent individuals who attend sporting events are the same people with interest or curiosity. . . for novel forms of investment. […] It does raise an issue of governance in football, as well as issues of due diligence, ethics, morality, and integrity. The industry is so focused on signing talent. . . that there is a tendency to bypass what might otherwise be deemed acceptable governance standards.

As quoted by financial times.

Javier Paz, forex data source’s managing director stated that EU market regulator has stated will endure to highpoint overall ICO related asset risks to its consumers but it will not isolate the football industry for its involvement in ICOs.

Few soccer clubs have chosen meanwhile to sit out the cryptocurrency partnership rush voluntarily for reasons of reputational risks.

As per company’s senior executive at one of England’s leading clubs, the danger is that a [football club] endorses an ICO, lots of unsophisticated investors lose a lot of money when it dies and the only reason people have invested in that is because their sports team has promoted it,” the executive said. “We don’t want to wake up tomorrow and see loads of our fans losing money on a product that we have been endorsing.”

While the crypto industry is often lauded for its forward-thinking, well-crafted ideas, products, and solutions, some startups in this nascent industry take innovation a bit too far, often crossing regulatory grey areas that may spark action from governmental agencies.

Most recently, Yobit, the 45th largest exchange by daily volume at the time of writing, announced a plan to overtly pump ten random altcoin markets in an apparent publicity stunt. It is widely believed that the exchange made such a plan in a bid to garner a larger user base and press, whether good or bad. As the age-old saying goes, “there’s no such thing as bad press,” right?

The Russian exchange, which offers a wide variety of altcoins, explained in a tweet that it would buy “one random coin for 1 Bitcoin (BTC) every 1-2 minutes on ten occasions”, which will result in the exchange ‘investing’ over $64,000 in organization-owned funds to overtly pump an unnamed set of crypto assets.

As soon as this announcement hit social media feeds, users began to bash the exchange, with many prominent crypto commentators expressing their disbelief that such a business practice would be publicly revealed, on a well-followed Twitter page, no less.

Crypto commentator Nye, commonly referred to as “Shill Nye the Crypto Guy,” used a specific set of expletives to allude to the fact that this move is unacceptable on many levels. Others, like the analysts at AltcoinBuzz, suggested that this could be a ruse, but were later surprised when they saw that Yobit had actually posted a ‘pump’ countdown timer (seen below) on its exchange platform.

Crypto analyst EmptyBeerBottle joked that this announcement made him close Twitter altogether, adding that such a move indicates that Yobit’s top brass may not be making the best decisions, to put it lightly. Most importantly, however, was the users who tagged governmental bodies, like the SEC, who indicated that the shut down of the shady platform was now in order.

Still, this move to publicly announce a pump and dump doesn’t only reflect badly on Yobit, but on the crypto space as a whole, which isn’t something that this industry can handle right now. Since Bitcoin’s inception, nearly ten years ago, this technology has been the target of horrendous backlash from governments and traditional firms, especially closed-minded financial institution.

While the crypto ‘haters’, so to speak, have begun to slow the issuance of their inflammatory claims, Yobit’s move to “pump” coins only legitimizes the hatred toward this budding asset class. As seen the ongoing case with 1Broker, which saw the trading platform fall victim to a coordinated attack from the U.S. SEC, CFTC, and FBI, governmental bodies are willing to take down crypto platforms if they pose a threat to American investors, even if they aren’t situated in the United States itself.

And while the Russia-based exchange may have other intentions with the in-house pump and dump, it is clear that its plan to inject 10 BTC into the crypto market at random poses a large threat to investors worldwide.

As of the time of press, Yobit has yet to issue a statement on the matter or made moves to retract its plans to pump ten altcoins sky-high. However, many have begun to believe that the pump is still slated to occur, as to the chagrin of many of the startup’s critics, Yobit has still seen a 94% rise in volume in the past 24 hours.

Ripple’s co-founder Chris Larsen made his way to the 383d place in the Forbes 400 list of the wealthiest people on Earth and became the wealthiest person to earn his fortune through cryptocurrencies.

Forbes published its latest list of the 400 wealthiest people on Earth, where Chris Larsen takes 383rd place with an estimated net wealth of $2.1 billion. First place is occupied by Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos, who finally wrenched the leadership from Bill Gates.

Chris Larsen appearance in the Forbes 400 list is remarkable in that he is the only person in the list who made his money on digital assets. Being a co-founder of Ripple, he owns a share in the company and about 5.19 billion XRP tokens.

While $2.1 billion sounds like a whole lot, it is more than ten times smaller in comparison with his net wealth at the beginning of the year, when Ripple’s XRP was changing hands at $2.39. At that time, Forbes estimated Larsen’s fortune at $37.3 billion.

XRP has lost over 75% since the beginning of the year, erasing the net wealth of Ripple’s founders. Ripple’s current CEO Brad Garlinghouse net wealth reportedly amounted to $9.5 billion in January; however he failed to make his way to the list as due to cryptocurrency market volatility his capital dropped below $2.1 billion, the minimal amount to qualify for Forbes 400.

However, both Larsen and Garlinghouse are well positioned to increase their net worth in the nearest future if Ripple’s cryptocurrency-based technology xRapid launch announced in late September, lives up to expectations and gain wider adoption among traditional financial institutions. The announcement triggered XRP’s breakneck growth. While the momentum proved to be unsustainable, the coin has an excellent potential to resume the upside movement once xRapid adoption gains traction.

Crypto possessions

Forbes published its first-ever Crypto Rich List in February 2018, which contained 20 wealthiest people in cryptocurrency industry. Ripple’s Chris Larsen topped the list with net worth of nearly $20 billion at that time. Ethereum’s Joseph Lublin and CEO of Binance Changpeng Zhao took the second and the third place respectively.

Forbes, the business magazine popular for its billionaires list, has made its first compilation of the 20 richest people in the cryptocurrency space. This market has grown exponentially since September 2017 but has entered a massive correction since January 8. During the expansion phase, several people became multi-millionaires and even billionaires.

Currently, the total crypto market capitalization is estimated at $384 billion, which is based on the value of almost 1,500 digital tokens. The market has lost more than half since hitting the record high of around $829 billion. Given the high volatility of crypto assets, Forbes has provided ranges rather than precise figures. It’s worth mentioning that the magazine put together its crypto rich list when the total market cap was about $550 billion. This value was recorded on January 19, 2018.

Here is the top 10 list:

• Chris Larsen (co-founder, Ripple): $7.5 billion – $8.billion
• Joseph Lubin (co-founder, Ethereum and founder, Consensys): $1 billion – $5 billion
• Changpeng “CZ’ Zhao (CEO, Binance): $1.1 billion – $2 billion
• Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss (co-founders, Winklevoss Capital): $900 million – $1.1 billion each
• Matthew Mellon (individual investor): $900 million – $1 billion
• Brian Armstrong (CEO, Coinbase): $900 million – $1 billion
• Matthew Roszak (co-founder, BloQ and founder, Tally Capital): $900 million – $1 billion
• Anthony Di Iorio (co-founder, Ethereum and founder, Jaxx and Decentral): $750 million – $1 billion
• Brock Pierce (chairman, Bitcoin Foundation and advisor, Block.One): $700 million – $1 billion
• Michael Novogratz (CEO, Galaxy Digital): $700 million – $1 billion