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Congratulations to Trade 99 Crypto Asset Trading for Becoming the Latest ‘Category A’ Member

Trade 99 Crypto

From now onwards, Trade99, the crypto asset trading platform, will be treated as an accepted member of Category A. How did this happen? Well, recently, South Korea’s respected Financial Services Commission (FSC), an independent EDR organization that handles external disputes for cross border exchanges declared Trade 99 to be the recent addition to the Category A.

Trade 99 was announced an ‘A Category’ member earlier this month. By far, this platform was in a capacity to offer a crypto-based leverage asset platform for trading. After the attainment of ‘A Category,’ the users of the platform will get the protection services from the Financial Services Commission.

Getting a green signal from FSC is a mark of excellence for Trade99

The fact that the FSC runs a tight ship for the compliance and the related regulatory issues, getting a green signal from FSC is a matter of good reputation for Trade 99. On the regulation topic, the governor of FSS (Financial Supervisory Service)- Yoon Suk-heun is in favor of the good effects of crypto exchange regulatory investigation. Suk-heun thinks that it will-

[…] help crypto trading and blockchain technology get better.

Trade99’s Promise of a Diverse Portfolio-

Lately, Trade 99 promised its user base for offering a diverse portfolio of services. In order to stick to the commitment, the platform has gone ahead to join hands with some independent service providers and brokerages. This, by extension, allowed these independent service providers and brokerages to make use of the services which the Financial Services Commission is offering.

With the release of the scheme opens up several other possibilities. This would mean that all those schemes that get a green signal of approval will also be required to certify with it. Moreover, the users and the clients will get to put a certain amount to an investment manager. What is the point of putting funds with the manager, you may think. Well, as and when the manager makes any profit on the capital (he or she invested with the money allocated by the user), the user will, in turn, get a commission on the profit made by the manager. This is especially a good set up for those who have just ventured into the investment space, as this system allows the users to gain insight knowledge, experience, and exposure to investment strategies; along with keeping risk at a safe distance. This peace of mind in investments should raise the adoption of the scheme.

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