Bitozz ICO (BOZZ Token) Crypto Trading Exchange For Futures & Options


BITOZZ is a decentralized platform created to facilitate a crypto derivative market on which traders can access various trading and investment instruments such as the futures and options. This further creates room for a strategic, highly liberating, low risk, and seamless trading experience.

The use of smart contract and blockchain technologies allows the platform to have a network that makes any type of trading less complex and even more diversified in offerings. Users of the platform have the freedom of hedging, speculating, and diversifying their portfolio all because of the availability of an array of derivative instruments.

All types of traders can find any product they like on the platform that simplifies their whole experience and gives them a chance to maintain control over the customization of that experience. Through the expansion of the choices for the users, the platform’s ecosystem helps the user in making the decision on the most suitable strategy for trading and investing their assets.

How Bitozz Crypto Trading Exchange For Futures & Options Works?

Products offered by the platform include the spot trading, margin trading, and options trading in American options that are very advantageous to the investor since their execution is any time before they expire.

The final product that the platform offers is the advanced APIs and financial integration that gives users a trading experience that is hassle-free while allowing them to be connected to rest, fix, binary, as well as third-party custom APIs. The architectural design also enables its integration with the banking, settlement, and payment gateways.

The Bitozz Solution

The platform has generated the most advanced order types that facilitate algorithm trading for every type of user. The platform aims at eliminating the carrying cost by replacing it with one-time fees just as it happens in spot trading. The BITOZZ exchange is not limited to just the derivatives products but also offers a one-stop shop solution.

The platform’s tokens called the BITOZZ tokens to operate on the Ethereum blockchain. The token features include 10% of the profits accrued being shared monthly as the dividend to token holders and 10% used to buy back and then burn the BITOZZ tokens. The tokens can also be used as collateral on the platform for fiat loans. Token holders get discounted fees structure upon using the BITOZZ tokens.

Bitozz Benefits

Advanced Order Types

The platform entails advanced order types that quickly and efficiently enable algorithm trading on the platform. The trading can be in cover order, multiple orders, or bracket order.


The platform allows its users to easily speculate and diversify their portfolio through the various product offerings that are available for use.

Quick Trade Execution

Users can quickly and precisely execute trades through the platform’s exclusive ‘Point-and-Click’ trading interface that is ladder based and highly effective.

No Carrying Costs

The platform allows its users to leverage up to twenty five times more without them having to incur carrying or funding costs. This makes it very affordable and easily sought after.

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