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DIA to Leverage Ankr’s Oracle Solutions Via Partnership

DIA to Leverage Ankr’s Oracle Solutions Via Partnership

DIA (Decentralized Information Asset) is an open-source financial information network that validates data using crypto-economic incentives has entered a partnership deal with the cloud-based node infrastructure provider Ankr. Ankr is the first company that leverages both the hardware for cloud and blockchain for providing robust data security to all the chains. The partnership is aimed at extending the blockchain data provision across multiple chains. 

As the DeFi ecosystem emerges to great heights, the need for a scalable and flexible cross-chain oracle layer for blockchain metadata becomes inevitable; this partnership will help meet this demand by setting up multiple nodes across a wide array of chains.

With this partnership, DIA will be leveraging the open-source oracle solutions of Ankr that has the potential to deploy scalable blockchain nodes much faster. To achieve faster and highly scalable blockchain nodes, Ankr uses its distributed cloud-based infrastructure that ensures maximum uptime along with operational resilience.

Compared to other infrastructure providers, this cloud-based approach employed by Ankr saves both costs & energy. Therefore, DIA made this strategic alliance with Ankr to enrich the DeFi ecosystem. DIA will at first set up nodes for the two leading crypto assets, Bitcoin & Dash, via oracle data points that will be provided by Ankr as per the agreement.

However, there are plans to add more nodes in the future to provide for better data coverage. Operations will begin very soon that will make the Bitcoin & Dash blockchain metadata available via the oracle suite developed as a result of the integration of DIA with Ankr.

The partnership between DIA & Ankr will also enable to enrich of the B2B product offering that will, in turn, meet DeFi’s growing demand for the best oracle delivery, which is undoubtedly the next big thing of the crypto ecosystem. The need for useful data is of paramount importance in a trustless environment, and this partnership is focused on integrating that real-world data to the various chains.

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