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MantraDAO Partners Razor for Secure Oracle DeFi platform

MantraDAO Partners Razor

Razor Network has joined hands to build a Decentralized Finance DeFi platform for MantraDAO to enable lending, staking, and Governance, another successful feat in the blockchain industry. The community governed Decentralized Finance platform is engaged in creating added transparent and swift web 3.0 services in the decentralized governance ecosystem.

DAOs or Decentralized Autonomous Organizations are the best Decentralized Finance DeFi governance system. Per the rules encoded, the DAOS can efficiently use the distributed ledger technology to facilitate the proposal and voting on-chain. Users enjoy MantraDAO’s decentralized lending, staking its much-in-demand DPoS and PoS, and earn its OM tokens, besides the borrowing and governance services due to its proprietary protocols and open source.

Hrishikesh Huilgolkar, the CEO of Razor, and John Mullin, the Co-Founder of MantraDAO, look forward to providing cutting-edge decentralized services in their workstreams. With the multifold increase in both the DeFi applications and its users, the smart contract needs trustworthy and speedy oracle services. Razor can fulfill both requirements and will enable MantraDAO to achieve its vision. Razor has a high level of decentralization and economic security and resistant to bribing attacks.

MantraDAO will use the oracle network that Razor will provide and get the price feeds in real-time on-chain from the external world. This information will be of use to a multitude of DeFi operations on the MantraDAO’s platform. These will help operations as settling contracts, calculating the payout for stakers for rewards, etc. The scalable and secure Razor’s oracle service will ensure that smart contracts operate reliably and efficiently.

MantraDAO will function as a validator in the partnership. The new staking, pool liquidity, and mining program OM by MantraDAO will allow users to earn utility tokens by Razor. MantraDAO has partnered with MATIC Network scalability, a solution provider for Ethereum layer-2 blockchain. Razor joined the MATIC network so it may provide its oracle services. Razor will provide MantraDAO with access to its oracle network. MantraDAO wants to build trustworthy decentralized governance and use the powerful, secure service that Oracle provides. Razor’s fast speed due to reliable algorithms, decentralization, and security will enable MantraDAO to access the real-world data for immediate use.

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