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VeChain and E-HCert App to Streamline Healthcare Records

VeChain and E-HCert App to Streamline Healthcare Records

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a wake-up call for the healthcare industry and has shown the world how critical it is to incorporate digital technologies in this sector. This is why the collaboration during 2020 between VeChain and I-Dante to develop the E-HCert App in 2020 is so important. It is a solution to maintain Covid-19 RT-PCR and anti-body test records in a digital format so that the people tested can access them at all times. The app has been launched at the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus, and more than 8,000 people have stored their test results in the app, making the flight arrival procedure at the International Airport of Larnaca that much easier.

Buoyed by the app’s success, E-HCert is in the process of launching a Digital Lab Test Wallet, which will connect the patients and the health care authorities. This was announced by VeChain Foundation in a Tweet. Read more at

The Wallet is based on Blockchain technology and will enable patients to have all their medical records in one place in the Wallet while the medical personnel ensures data integrity. After Mediterranean Hospital, the top flight Aretaeio Hospital has also come on board the VeChain environment and integrated the E-HCert app in their testing services.

E-HCert is a massive boost for hospital laboratories in Cyprus as it helps to do away with voluminous paper trail lab records. Presently, the “Laboratory Information Systems” (LIS) manages data of complex tests and activities, which has several inherent drawbacks. A patient has to wait for extended periods after testing to get the results as the laboratory has to get in touch with him/her to deliver a physical hard copy of the result. This has to be maintained in good condition by the patient to avail subsequent healthcare services.

With healthcare systems going through a radical transformation after integration with digital tools, the pressing need is to have stringent data security private policies like the GDPR in place. Patients, too, should have a legally compliant security assurance to share their health information within a safe ecosystem.

This is where Blockchain technology, as seen in the Digital Lab Test Wallet, assumes a great deal of significance. The technology optimizes the delivery of healthcare, diagnostics, test results, and therapeutics while assuring security when this information is shared between patients and healthcare authorities.

This is what E-HCert has brought to the table for Aretaeio Hospital. Once the patient takes a test, the results are auto uploaded to the E-HCert application built on the VeChainThor public Blockchain. It is then ready to be used and shown whenever required to prove health status.

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