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Chainlink Integrates with Sperax to Power Its DeFi Services

Chainlink Integrates with Sperax to Power Its DeFi Services

Notable blockchain infrastructure company, Sperax is integrating Chainlink as its go-to Oracle network. As Sperax mainly focuses on decentralized financial services, Chainlink integration will further power its DeFi applications.

While this Chainlink integration will aid Sperax in connecting with off-chain networks more reliably and securely, it will also help Sperax users and developers in making better financial decisions. Also, Sperax will price the assets in its DeFi ecosystem based on the framework of Chainlink’s Price Reference Data.

Sperax always aimed to create a trusted infrastructure for a more decentralized economy, which is not only efficient but also flexible self-reliant. And Chainlinks integration will help Sperax achieve this objective.

Unlike its contemporaries like Cosmos Tendermint, Polkadot, Ethereum Casper, and Grandpa that predominantly make use of BFT-based consensus protocol, Sperax uses the BDLS consensus protocol. While this enables Sperax to deliver a far more secure, high-performance module, it was limited to on-chain data, which was mostly blockchain generated. 

Integrating Chainlink with the Sperax ecosystem will bridge traditional non-blockchain systems with the latter. For developers using Sperax, this integration means that they will now be able to build smart contracts, which would be connected to not only off-chain data feeds but also APIs, traditional payment infrastructure, among others.

While developers will be able to make use of Sybil resistant node operators, they can also make use of Chainlink’s TownCrier for building more reliable and better security guarantees.

And, as for Sperax users, the integration will mean the use of stablecoin payments on Sperax, faster global remittance at a lower transfer cost, and, most importantly, BDLS-based DeFi protocols.

It all narrows down to the fact that Sperax users will be able to make better financial decisions and lucrative passive incomes with better financial assets.

Sperax Co-founder, Wayne Wang, also stated that having Chainlinks as a trusted oracle system is vital for DeFi dApps, as it will provide a better understanding of the everyday events of the financial market, right from asset prices to property value.

Wang further said that Chainlink integration would enable Sperax applications to connect with pre-formatted, real-world live data feeds on mainnet; nevertheless, in a decentralized fashion.

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