Cryptosphere is all set to witness the launch of Decentraland that is slated to offer a huge crypto treasure hunt. Decentraland will also become the leading blockchain-based virtual world with this launch.

Players who establish an avatar will be allowed to visit the metaverse as early as on February 20 and become an integral part of a four-day event where participating members can discover the Genesis City touted to be a virtual world. The players can also gather exclusive non-fungible tokens from many leading crypto partners.

“For four days the public will scour Genesis City for NFTs, tokens, and loot redeemable for real-world products,” announced the team of Decentraland.

According to the team of Decentraland, the launch signifies the conclusion of more than two years of development. The thoroughly tokenized economy that has been functioning on the MANA cryptocurrency will permit people to create 3D content and virtual scenes. These will be ranging from hyno wheels to hummingbirds.

The launch of Decentraland is also aimed at linking the world of gaming, virtual assets, and crypto.

Meanwhile, Decentraland has also clarified its objective. The yet to be launched Decentraland says it strives to establish a virtual world that is entirely decentralized and retained by the community.

Decentraland will use cryptocurrency to control its Ethereum-based platform, thus establishing a new economy for scores of players, studios, brands that can establish and communicate with 3D content.

It is worth noting that limited availability of virtual parcels of land symbolized by a non-fungible LAND token will permit users to establish and control assets and involve in practices in their own individual digital space.

Users will also be able to avail of the advantages of a world beyond centralized control.

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