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GameChain setting to launch Blockchain platform to support Game Developers

GameChain Setting To Launch Blockchain Platform

GameChain is the first block chain- agnostic gaming blockchain. The creators of the global best bring it- selling games such as ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’ and the upcoming mobile blockbuster “Warhammer: End Times.” EOS Gravity the leading EOS community supports it.

GameChain is announcing the launch of its new platform which will be a game changer to the entire gaming community.

It is reported to be developed by the developers of the famous “Star Wars: The Old Republic.” And it is mainly supported by the EOS community. GameChain utilizes ‘smart contracts, atomic swaps and state of the art on chain developer tools to build amazing games.’

This new platform is amazing for the gamers, and the game developers can simply run ICOs to generate funding for their projects right on the GameChain platform.

This platform rewards people for their contributions to the GameCahain ecosystem for the users. The platform gives rewards in the form of reputational points to those who interact using these tools provided by this platform. The more contribution by the user, the more rewards the user gets. It can be traded for the real money.

GameChain is helping to connect multiple players on this platform. Users can comment on the live games being played on this platform. Rewards will be given in the GameChain Coin (GCC). It is the native on the GameChain platform.

As per the announcement on the projects, Medium Channel, GameChain will have its Initial Coin Offering. The date is yet to be confirmed but is scheduled for mid- October as projected by ICO tracker platform. GameChain says this date is subject to change.

Blockchain technology has become the most significant thing in this world. It is even famous for the technology transforming and automating all the aspects of human lives in diverse industries such as entertainment, health, financial sectors, and supply chain and many others. Community interactions are rewarded which is based on the communication performed.

With the help of this block chain, users can be able to make a platform for a better and most crucially, their platforms are immutable. It means they cannot be tampered with by anyone over the internet.

1.Transparent economic community incentives
2.Reputation-based platform
3. Easily adding decentralized currencies, items, and games to any game.

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