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CNM is Organizing BlockFiesta Blockchain Conference Event in Albuquerque

CNM is Organizing BlockFiesta Blockchain Conference Event in Albuquerque

Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) in Albuquerque was founded in 1964. According to the recent news, CNM is hosting a one-day blockchain conference event on October 13, 2019.

The senior technology advisor of CNM, Bill Halverson said that this blockchain event is organized to help individuals, organizations, and businesses in knowing the ways to consolidate blockchain technology. He also continued that blockchain is one of the emerging technologies adopted globally. It provides accurate data and a unique decentralized code for recording the transactions safely. Blockchain plays a vital role in many sectors like health, education, finance, and government.

Blockchain is specially created to keep the records, ledgers, and locked blocks of information in such a way that there will be no change or corruption in data. The blockchain network users can check the ledgers as well as changes in the transactions. It helps the users to track and verify the complete information regarding the assets.

Cryptography secured the linked blocks and developed a blockchain with a record of all the transactions which has duplicates in every network computer. If new block information added to the blockchain and the information does not verify with other blocks then, that block gets removed from the blockchain. That is how it manages and shares the asset information online. This fantastic technology allows the use of Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency.

According to the news, CNM will be going to discuss the benefits of blockchain in the BlockFiesta conference. They will tell graduates the use of issuing digital diplomas. This method will help in sharing the diplomas to the employers and others with the help of mobile devices.

Halverson said that in this event, the educational providers would share the credentials to all the students across the world. It is the way to connect the sovereign and other identities with blockchain identity.

In this event, many local businesses will also participate in discussing their blockchain use. It will also help other attendees to know the way to apply for the blockchain and its services. The cost of the event for the students, seniors, and educational staff is $69 or $49.

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